On the lookout for a double bridle? Here’s 7 you need to see

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  • The Equiline BD604

    1. equiline


    This Weymouth bridle from Equiline is designed in Italy and is made from selected leathers that have been crafted and accessorized to perfection, incorporating innovation as well as tradition. The trappings have a hook-type fastener and the browband features Swarovski® crystals. Available in black, in cob and full.
    RRP: £347
    Visit: www.fearnsfarmpartnership.co.uk or call 01704 823539

    Equipe Charlotte Flash Double Bridle

    2. equipe Charlotte double bridle

    This elegant double bridle is a replica of the bridle worn by Charlotte Dujardin. Styled in English Sedgewick leather it features a patent leather noseband with intricate white detail and the browband is decorated in beautiful Swarovski crystals. The ‘no stress’ headpiece is contoured to give the ears more room and is designed to ease pressure on the poll area. Available in black, in cob and full. Includes two sets of reins.
    RRP: £410
    Visit: www.zebraproducts.co.uk or call 01352 763350

    Amerigo Patent Double Bridle

    3. Amerigo Double Bridle Patent

    The beautifully classic Vespucci patent double bridle is ergonomically designed thanks to its padded noseband, which is adjustable on both sides and its integrated headpiece. This unique bridle piece protects the horse’s sensitive poll area by incorporating all the bridle parts that usually go directly over the poll into one softly padded headpiece. Available in black or brown, in cob and full. Includes reins.
    RRP: £322
    Visit: www.zebraproducts.co.uk or call 01352 763350

    Kate Negus Saddlery’s Hunter Double Bridle

    4. Hunter Double

    This classic Hunter Double Bridle is made using top quality English leather. It comes with a plain leather browband and noseband as standard. The size and style of all pieces can be chosen at the time of purchase to create a bespoke bridle.
    RRP: from £175
    Visit: www.katenegus.com or call 0780 115 0571

    Jeffries’ Premium IR Weymouth Bridle

    7. jeffries

    The IR bridle features a shaped padded headpiece that is designed to curve away from the base of the ear. This benefits any horse that may be sensitive around the poll area. The IR bridle is available with a soft padded noseband and browband, ensuring the optimum comfort for you horse. Available in black or Havana, in cob, full and extra-full.
    RRP: £262.50
    Visit: www.ejeffries.co.uk or call 01922 642222

    Albion Competition Weymouth Double Bridle

    8. Albion Competition Weymouth with Black Swarovski Browband

    The Original Pressure Relieving KB Bridle with a patented design is one of the most popular and comfortable bridles on the market. It has an almost infinite range of options and you can mix and match styles and sizes to achieve the perfect fit. Designed with Klaus Balkenhol, the slip is anatomically positioned over the padded, cutaway headpiece to disperse poll pressure, maximise comfort, aid willing submission and improve performance in all disciplines at all levels.
    RRP: from £275
    Visit: www.albionsaddlemakers.co.uk

    Prestige Italia Capri Evo Bridle from Arka Equipe

    9. Prestige New Capri

    A triple-raised double bridle in high-quality Italian leather, which perfectly combines good looks, toughness and tradition. The headpiece has extra padding to reduce pressure on this sensitive area. The noseband is anatomically shaped to ensure a more comfortable fit and features the innovative ‘Evolution’ adjustable system, which allows you to adjust the width of the uprights of the noseband without changing the size of the bridle, thus giving greater freedom of the cheekbone. The browband is anatomically shaped with elegant Swarovski decorative accessories along the sides. Available in black or tabacco, in cob and full. Includes two sets of reins.
    RRP: £340
    Visit: www.arkaequipe.com

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