King George V Gold Cup winners: 1992-2014

  • We dig into the H&H archives to bring you pictures of the past 24 winners of the historic King George V Gold Cup

    The historic King George V Gold Cup is one of the most prestigious prizes in British showjumping.

    Held annually at the Longines Royal International Horse Show at Hickstead, the grand prix class was open to male riders only until 2008.  Lady riders became eligible to compete for the beautiful trophy in that year, but showjumping fans had to wait seven years before ​Beezie Madden became the first lady to lift the famous trophy aloft in 2014.

    Whose name will be added to the hall of fame in 2015? Whoever they are, they will join an illustrious list of elite showjumpers reaching back to Russia’s Dimitri d’Exe, the class’s inaugural winner back in 1911.

    King George V Gold Cup winners hall of fame

    1911: Piccolo (Dimitri d’Exe) RUS
    1912: Murat (Lt Delvoie) BEL
    1913: Amazone (Baron de Maelon) FRA
    1914: Amazone (Baron de Maelon) FRA
    1920: Dignite (Auguste de Laissardiere) FRA
    1921: Combined Training (Geoffrey Brooke)
    1922: Bluff (Conte Giacomo Antonelli) ITA
    1923: Grey Fox (Auguste de Laissardiere) FRA
    1924: Don Chisciotte (Coonte Giulio Borsaelli di Riffredo) ITA
    1925: Broncho (Malise Graham) GBR
    1926: Ballymacshane (Fred Bontecou) USA
    1927: Quinine (Xavier Bizard) FRA
    1928: Forty Six (A G Martyr) GBR
    1929: Mandarin (Hubert Gibault) FRA
    1930: Chelsea (Jack Talbot-Ponsonby) GBR
    1931: The Parson (Jacques Misonne) BEL
    1932: Chelsea (Jack Talbot-Ponsonby) GBR
    1933: Best Girl (Jack Talbot-Ponsonby) GBR
    1934: Tramore Bay (John Lewis) IRE
    1935: Limerick Lace (Jed O’Dwyer) IRE
    1937: Honduras (Xavier Bizard) FRA
    1938: Derek (John Friedberger) GBR
    1939: Adigrat (Conte Alessandro Bettoni-Cazzago) ITA
    1947: Marquis III (Pierre Jonquerer d’Oriola) FRA
    1948: Foxhunter (Harry Llewellyn) GBR
    1949: Tankard (Brian Butler) GBR
    1950: Foxhunter (Harry Llewellyn) GBR
    1951: Ballyneety (Kevin Barry) IRE
    1952: Grecieux (Carlos Fiqueroa) ESP
    1953: Foxhunter (Harry Llewellyn) GBR
    1954: Meteor (Fritz Thiedemann) GER
    1955: Brando (Luigi Cartasegna) ITA
    1956: First Boy (William Steinkraus) USA
    1957: Uruguay (Piero d’Inzeo) ITA
    1958: Master William (Hugh Wiley) USA
    1959: Nautical (Hugh Wiley) USA
    1960:Sunsalve (David Broome) GBR
    1961: The Rock (Piero d’Inzeo) ITA
    1962: The Rock (Piero d’Inzeo) ITA
    1963: Dundrum (Tommy Wade) IRE
    1964: Sinjon (William Steinkraus) USA
    1965: Fortun (Hans Gunter Winkler) GER
    1966: Mister Softee (David Broome) GBR
    1967: Firecrest (Peter Robeson) GBR
    1968: Enigk (Hans Gunter Winkler) GBR
    1969: Uncle Max (Ted Edgar) GBR
    1970: Mattie Brown (Harvey Smith) GBR
    1971: Askan (Gerd Wiltfang) GER
    1972: Sportsman (David Broome) GBR
    1973: Pennwood Forge Mill (Paddy McMahon) GBR
    1974: Mainspring (Frank Chapot) USA
    1975: Rex the Robber (Alvin Schockemohle) GER
    1976: Chainbridge (Mike Saywell) GBR
    1977: Philco (David Broome) GBR
    1978: Claret (Jeff McVean) AUS
    1979: Video (Robert Smith) GBR
    1980: Scorton (David Bowen) GBR
    1981: Mr Ross (David Broom) GBR
    1982: Disney Way (Michael Whitaker) GBR
    1983: Deister (Paul Schockemohle) GER
    1984: St. James (Nick Skelton) GBR
    1985: Towerlands Anglezarke (Malcolm Pyrah) GBR
    1986: Next Ryans Son (John Whitaker) GBR
    1987: Towerlands Anglezarke (Malcom Pyrah) GBR
    1988: Brook St. Boysie (Robert Smith) GBR
    1989: Next Didi (Michael Whitaker) GBR
    1990: Henderson Milton (John Whitaker) GBR
    1991: Lannegan (David Broome) GBR
    1992: Everest Midnight Madness (Michael Whitaker) GBR
    1993: Everest Limited Edition (Nick Skelton) GBR
    1994: Everest Midnight Magic (Michael Whitaker) GBR
    1995: Heather Blaze (Robert Splaine) IRL
    1996: Cathleen (Nick Skelton) GBR
    1997: Virtual Village Welham (John Whitaker) GBR
    1998: Senator Mighty Blue (Robert Smith) GBR
    1999: Hopes are High (Nick Skelton) GBR
    2000: Ballaseyr Twilight (Cameron Hanley) IRE
    2001: Glasgow (Norman Dello Joio) USA
    2002: Champion du Lys (Ludger Beerbaum) GER
    2003 Carling King (Keving Babington) IRE
    2004: Farina (Rene Tebbel) GER
    2005: Armani (Jeffrey Welles) USA
    2006: Ideal de la Loge (Roger-Yves Bost) FRA
    2007: Jubilee D’Ouilly (Aymeric de Ponnat) FRA
    2008: Clausen (Holger Wulschner) GER
    2009: Murka’s Pall Mall H (Peter Charles) GBR
    2010: Fresh Direct Kalico Bay (Tim Stockdale) GBR
    2011: Uceko (Kent Farrington) USA
    2012: Cerona (Hendrik-Jan Schuttert) NED
    2013: Tripple X III (Ben Maher) GBR
    2014: Cortes C (Beezie Madden) USA

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