Act now to get more horse sport on TV

  • If you want to see more equestrian coverage in the media, please write to the sports editors of the newspapers, TV and radio stations explaining why this is important to you.

    Here are some stats that you might like to include in your letter to help support your case:

    • 2.1 million people ride at least once a month*
    • 1.3 million horses in UK (the highest number in any one European country)*
    • 4.3 million people have ridden a horse in the last 12 months*
    • The equestrian industry is worth £4 billion*
    • Direct expenditure totals £2.6 billion*
      [stats taken from British Equine Trade Association’s 2006 survey]
    • 1,300,000 equine passports are registered in the UK [National Equine Database]
    • 153,000 people attended Burghley Horse Trials this year
    • 261,000 people read Horse & Hound every week

    Who to write to

    Here are contact details for some of the leading media sports editors:
    BBC sports editors: via their feedback page
    The Daily Telegraph/Sunday Telegraph: sport@telegraph.co.uk
    The Guardian: sport@guardian.co.uk
    Daily Mail: letters@dailymail.co.uk
    Mail on Sunday: letters@mailonsunday.co.uk
    The Times: sportcomment@thetimes.co.uk
    The Sunday Times: sportletters@sunday-times.co.uk

    Good luck!

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