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vet examining a horseHorse & Hound veterinary experts report on the latest equine veterinary research and developments in the magazine every week. These features can be read online as part of our H&H VIP service.

We also have an extensive online archive of free vet advice covering an wide range of conditions. These range from common problems such as mud fever, colic and laminitis to less frequent conditions like grass sickness and heart problems.

We know that any time your horse is unwell is extremely stressful, so our free vet advice is designed to give you the information you need to help you make an informed decision about the next step in your horse’s care. However, we would always recommend you speak to your own vet in order to get their expert opinion on any veterinary issues about your horse.

*This archive is not intended to replace the advice of a qualified equine vet*

Stock shoot with Emma and Mark Butler

Tongues — vital yet vulnerable [H&H VIP]

It plays a vital role in a horse's ability to graze nd swallow, yet the equine tongue is surprisingly vulnerable to injury. Here we discuss the importance of this organ…

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8 ways to enjoy the sunshine with your horse

Riders love sunshine, but the rise in temperature can impact on your horse. Make sure his time in the sun is as enjoyable as possible with the following handy advice

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The latest essential news on laminitis [H&H VIP]

Stem cells, muscle relaxants and screw-on wooden shoes are emerging as possibilities in the global quest to find treatments for — and causes of — this frequently devastating disease