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Horse & Hound has a host of top riders and equestrian personalities who share their opinions with our readers through their magazine columns and online blogs every week.

Our magazine columnists include Carl Hester (pictured right), Mark Todd, Mark Phillips, Stuart Hollings and Peter Charles, to name but a few. Their thoughts can be read in the magazine every Thursday, or online if you are a H&H VIP member.

Our bloggers come from across the equestrian world including a former two-star event rider who is now representing her country in para dressage, the busy manager of a ‘home-made’ livery yard, a trainer who specialises in starting youngsters and retraining problem horses, and let’s not forget our very own talking horse, Hovis! Yes you did read that right — he has a huge online following and has published a number of books. We also have riders from dressage, showing, showjumping, eventing and racing, so hopefully something to interest everyone visiting the site.

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