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Hi guys,

Thursday (today) was my quiet day, with the trot-up safely behind us and our dressage on Friday morning… except I must have walked the distance of a marathon!

I am so lucky to have the help of some of the eventing greats — what more could a four-star first-timer ask for? First thing this morning I walked the cross-country course with Lucinda Green who, as always, gave me invaluable advice. Having the support from a six-time winner is incredible and such a support.

After walking the course I worked Zo (Zocarla BLH) again on the flat but only for a short time as to keep her fresh.

There is obviously a lot of media interest during Badminton, so to fit it all in I did a quick video blog for Horse & Hound en-route to watch the rest of the tests before lunch.

In a bid to keep things as normal as possible, during the day, the star of the show, Zocarla has had some hand grazing intermittently by Hen so it’s as normal to what we do at home.

In the afternoon I walked the cross-country again, this time with another legend — Andrew Nicholson, who I worked with last year. To have the support of one Badminton legend is great, but to have it from another competing alongside me, wow.

So the cross-country… Ermm well — I think Eric has built a great course. It’s big and bold and I can’t wait to jump it.

But firstly I have to survive the dressage tomorrow!


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