wendy_accident_fbWe all love the many forms of horse riding, especially the fast-paced, high-action disciplines. It all adds to the thrill. Nobody sets out to get injured, but unfortunately it is in the nature of the sport that we know and love today.

For the average working family, injury can cause huge unwanted financial stress and burden. We may not be able to prevent injury, but TSI can offer the next best thing and help relieve some of the stress that being unable to work may cause. A Totally Sports Insurance policy can be provided from as little as £2 a week. If you are still unsure, read what Olympian Wendy Schaeffer has to say…

On 7 October 2013, Wendy Schaeffer fell hard during a dressage training session during the final stages of her preparation for the Australian International Three-Day Event Championships. Wendy landed awkwardly on her left foot, leading to suffer breaks to both her tibia and fibula. For a professional rider and trainer this was heart breaking. She could only walk with the aid of crutches for more than 6 weeks. She missed one of the major events of the year, which was devastating. On top of this, her ability to earn a living was seriously compromised.

On 29 September 2013, experienced professional rider Fiona Guthrie and her horse Crocadoo fell at the second from last country fence in their first advanced event. A slight timing mistake cost her dearly. Crocadoo hit the fence with his hind legs and flung Fiona head first out of the saddle. She landed harshly on her right arm and sustained a broken collarbone, an agonising injury which kept her off work for a month. Fiona works as a stable manager, as well as a rider, with both professions making high physical demands. Time off work was a worse case scenario as it was something she simply couldn’t afford.

Like Wendy and Fiona, many people have enjoyed riding horses for hundreds and hundreds of years, but at a cost. Chances are so many of these people will have sustained similar injuries.

Horse riding is an extreme sport. It has been given this label in recent times because there are so many dangers associated with it. Anybody who has ever ridden knows that. The great thing about Totally Sports Insurance is that it will cover you for all aspects of the sport and help protect your way of life. Whether you choose to ride your companions off road on fields, bridleways or on the UK’s busy roads. Totally Sports Insurance has a tailor made Personal Horse Insurance Policy to cover you for any outcome, whether you are working, competing or playing, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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