SEIB’s veteran horse insurance – the ideal cover for your older horse *Promotion*

  • Promotional Feature with SEIB

    The expert team at SEIB knows you care just as much about your older horses, whether they’ve given you many years of loyal service or have come to you later in their careers, as you do your younger equine partners.

    Accidents and injuries can occur at any time and SEIB’s veteran horse insurance is here to help you with that. SEIB’s veteran policy, which is available to horses aged 15 or over with absolutely no upper age limit, covers accidental and external injuries only. So, even if your horse has suffered a previous injury, or they have had past insurance exclusions, SEIB can help by providing a degree of cover to keep your horse protected. Remember, even if you think your horse is too old to insure, that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t have any cover.

    Should you want to, owners have the option to insure their older horse on SEIB’s standard horse insurance policy, which includes full cover for horses up to the age of 25. Securing this cover is subject to your veteran horse’s claims history and its health, which will be checked by an underwriter at each renewal.

    SEIB’s veteran horse insurance package includes cover for theft or straying of your horse, public liability, personal accident and your tack and saddlery too.

    As anyone who owns a horse knows, equine dental technician treatment is essential throughout your horse’s life, and as they get older, their teeth can deteriorate. With SEIB’s veteran horse insurance, your horse’s dental treatment can be included if there is an accident or injury that involves their teeth.

    SEIB also offers ‘Farewell Cover’ to some veteran horse insurance policy holders, which provides a contribution towards disposal costs, even if there’s no successful mortality claim, if you have to say a sad goodbye to your horse.

    We are all too aware of the ever-present danger of colic, but SEIB can offer veteran horse insurance with colic cover. This part of the package is an add-on that includes a contribution to emergency life-saving colic surgery at a maximum of £1,500 (subject to an underwriters’ agreement and an excess).

    If you have a veteran horse in your care and are considering the cost of an insurance premium against the cost of any potential claim when taking out a veteran horse insurance policy with SEIB, here are some numbers for you.

    The average call out cost of the veteran claims paid in the past month was £142. SEIB’s lowest veteran excess is £135 and the average claim is £776.28. If you insure through SEIB Insurance Brokers, they can offer you veterinary fee options ranging from £750 all the way up to £3,000. It is worth noting that SEIB’s veterinary fee claim limit is calculated per claim and not per year, which makes it all the more attractive as a policy.

    SEIB really can be with you every step of the way through your horse’s life, meaning you can relax, safe in the knowledge that they have your horse covered, no matter their age.

    To find out more about SEIB’s veteran horse insurance cover, simply complete the enquiry form on its website, which can be found here: https://www.seib.co.uk/horse-insurance/veteran-horse-insurance/

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