Looking for a new horse or dog rug? [Promotion]

Purveyors of the finest quality apparel for your horse — made in the UK from King Smith Designs at South East Horse Rugs.

King Smith Designs’ pure new wool day and wrap around rugs

Available exclusively from South East Horse Rugs in a choice of rich colours with a large array of bindings in your own combination of  favourite or show colours.

Not sure what you’d choose ?

Have a look on our gallery for ideas and also see a photo shoot we did last week with Linda Saunters and 3 of her gorgeous chestnut show horses, Ballentine, Rhythm and Blues and Yealand Presbertry wearing 7-year-old King Smith Designs show rugs – still in excellent condition proving quality endures. Available as day or wrap around exercise rugs.

Vouchers are also available if you are unsure of size or colour combinations as a gift.

Contact us by phone on 01580 880088 or email us at enquiries@southeasthorserugs.co.uk


Made to measure dog coats to match?

All the colour combinations and a wide range of patterns are available for your dog from King Smith Designs. Vouchers are also available if you are unsure of size or colour combinations as a gift.

Please call 01580 880088 for a quote or email enquiries@southeasthorserugs.co.uk


NEW Hoodie Fleeces

New from King Smith Designs are these super NEW American style fleece hoodies to keep your horse or pony warm and stylish.  Designed to attach to the bridle with front fastenings and belly strap these fleeces will keep your horse or pony warm from top to toe with or without tack. Ideal for travelling, shows etc.

Available in bespoke plain or funky patterned fleece these are sure to be a knockout.

Available in pink pony, blue polka and red stars or bespoke plain colours a choice of bindings including the NEW ‘My Pony Rocks’ binding!

Vouchers are also available if you are unsure of size or colour combinations as a gift.
Call to order yours today on 01580 880088

See website www.southeasthorserugs.co.uk or  Facebook www.facebook.com/GeorgiesHorseLaundryAndSouthEastHorseRug for colours.


Rug washing

All your beautiful rugs can be washed in our equine horse laundry.
Our first rate services include:

  • De-hairing “monster” rugs that look as though they own a full winter coat themselves
  • Correct washing and safe drying technology
  • Thoroughly researched water repellancy /reproofing
  • First class repairs
  • Alterations to rugs that are a good fit one end but not the other so another size wouldn’t do!

Visit www.georgieshorselaundry.co.uk or call 01580 880088

Christmas offer for Horse & Hound readers.

Buy one of our bespoke 100% wool rugs and we will give you a 50% discount on one of our fabulous fleeces! Offer ends  www.southeasthorserugs.co.uk or call 01580 880088

Find us on Face Book: www.facebook.com/GeorgiesHorseLaundryAndSouthEastHorseRug


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