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Excitement is reaching fever pitch at Derrière Equestrian HQ, with just one day to go until you will be able to get your hands on underwear designed specifically for riders.

What is Derrière Equestrian?

Derrière Equestrian has brought together innovation, science and style to develop the perfect riding underwear, to keep you comfortable in the saddle.

The range of underwear comes in six design styles; three incorporating the padded support system and three in the simpler style with reduced seams.

Alongside the underwear, Derrière Equestrian has designed breeches for optimal rider performance.

What are the products made from?

They are made from breathable fabrics and yarns, eradicating the adverse effects of materials that absorb perspiration, causing irritation to the skin. Wave goodbye to a sore bottom in the saddle…

Who are the products designed for?

All equestrian enthusiasts — whether you’re an eventer, endurance rider, showjumper or someone who just enjoys a gentle hack.

How can I find out more?


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