Keep your horse happy and healthy this winter [Promotion]

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    EquiFeast share the secret to a healthy, happy, well behaved horse this winter.

    Its official — winter is here. EquiFeast have the answer to keeping your horse looking and feeling fantastic throughout the winter, and perhaps best of all with perfect behaviour. A simple addition to your horse’s diet can make all the difference and at a fraction of the cost of conventional feed balancers. EquiFeast’s Sensible Essentials.

    Sensible-Essentials-StarterHow it helps with behaviour

    We’ve all been there; hacking out on a horse that truly believes behind every corner/bush/tree/dustbin is a monster just waiting to prey on unsuspecting horses. Or one that thinks that a little bit of wind means that usual gaits are not an option and jogging the whole way on a fice mile hack is perfectly acceptable. Worse still you take said horse to a competition and he chooses to demonstrate how capable he is of piaffe, passage and airs above the ground in a prelim test. The secret to stopping this is in your horse’s feed bowl.

    “Since being on EquiFeast’s products, Dee has honestly been a transformed horse. We have been able to do much more intense flatwork and schooling at home, without her getting hot headed or wound up. She still “enjoys” her hacks, but we are now able to have a civilized steady canter across an open field instead of leaping about all over the place with me trying to prevent her from taking off.”

    Kate Sanderson discussing her experiences of using EquiFeast products on her mare, Dee.

    Kate-and-DeeEquiFeast believe that as well as feeding your horse for energy and condition, it’s also essential to make sure you are feeding the brain with the correct nutrients for optimum performance and sensible behaviour. Perhaps the two most important nutrients to support this are chelated calcium and magnesium, however, research on these nutrients is limited. EquiFeast are on a journey to discover the links between diet, behaviour and science. They don’t claim that their research is scientifically rigorous; however they have conducted extensive field trials, gathered case studies, studied blood samples, and monitored feedback from thousands of customers to put together a strong case on their thoughts on feeding the brain. You can read more about their current research here.

    HarryDespite talking to world leading physiologists and biochemists, EquiFeast are the first to admit that the mechanism behind exactly how their chelated calcium and magnesium technology works is unknown.However what they do know is that the calcium is involved in almost every cell in the body (yours and your horse’s!) to switch them on and kick them into action!

    Feedback from customers appears to suggest that chelated calcium has an effect on a whole host of bodily functions such as helping laminitis and Cushings prone ponies, aiding in the recovery from tendon injuries and benefiting horses and ponies who are prone to tying up or just have short striding gaits or intermittent lameness. In the brain it seems to transfer messages between cells more effectively, and therefore helps your horse’s decision making process.

    The result is a horse that is more able to assess risks (less spooking), better at judging strides (better jumping rounds), and is more relaxed and less tense (better dressage tests). All this with NO SEDATION!

    All EquiFeast customers who purchase one of EquiFeast’s ‘food for the brain’ supplements are entered into their carefully monitored fine tuning process. Their experienced and knowledgeable team of advisors are on hand to assess your horse’s diet and make sure they are on the correct levels of chelated calcium and magnesium when starting the process.

    Their advisors keep in touch with customers to make sure they are seeing the results they want, and if EquiFeast doesn’t get it “right first time”, they provide the tools to ‘fine tune’ the supplement. With the belief that each horse is an individual, EquiFeast’s brain food is a bespoke supplement at an off the shelf price.

    How it supports your horse’s health

    EquiFeast’s trials continue to suggest that chelated calcium is helping maintain a huge range of cells at peak performance with clear health benefits. Alongside EquiFeast’s patented chelated calcium technology, Sensible Essentials contains a fully comprehensive feed balancer, containing all the vitamins and minerals your horse may be lacking in when grazing on winter pasture or poor quality hay.

    Sensible Essentials also contains added Biotin, for fantastic hoof growth, alongside essential oils and limiting amino acids for strong hooves and a healthy, shiny coat. Sensible Essentials also contains antioxidants which are vital to the health of a horse, as they help the body to overcome free radicals (toxins) that are produced in large quantities during intense exercise (such as when hunting or during canter work) which can build up in the muscle tissue and cause damage to proteins and fats.

    What are you waiting for? Rachel-Buckle

    Sensible Essentials is a truly comprehensive supplementing benefiting both body and brain. It is designed to be fed alongside your horse’s daily feed and being a powder the supplement is low in calories, so perfect for those on restricted diets.

    Get in touch with one of the EquiFeast advisors using the contact details below, to find out how Sensible Essentials can help you get the most from your horse this winter.

    Visit our website: www.equifeast.com
    Email: advice@equifeast.com
    Tel: 01453 836974

    Photo credits:
    Amy Thomson, Bryony Jones, Nico Morgan

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