Do you know a horse or pony that suffers from laminitis? [Promotion]

Do you know a horse or pony that suffers from laminitis? How is their pain and discomfort managed? Animalife is so confident that laminitic equines will recover better with Vetrofen, they offer a money back guarantee*.

Vetrofen is the number one vet-approved 100% natural alternative to Devil’s Claw for horses and does not contain phenylbutazone. It works by assisting the body’s natural inflammatory response, supporting the metabolism of the horse and stimulating enzymes to assist with the body’s natural inflammatory response. Vetrofen also contains important antioxidant properties to maintain comfort and flexibility and support joints, muscles and tendons for optimum mobility.

Vetrofen is formulated using Specially Optimised Bio-Available Formula (SOBF) technology and unlike many chemical-based formulas, it does not simply mask symptoms of laminitis. The scientifically proven ingredients provide fast, natural, side-effect free, long lasting results and work with the body to optimise and maintain the inflammatory response without effecting organ function.

*subject to terms and conditions. For more information about how Vetrofen could help your horse or pony visit