VWH team chasing results, 8 March

  • Chesterton Humberts open qualifier.— 1, Relentless Fight the Ban (B Pauling, R Cope, D Gittins, R Mason) 5.22.19; 2, Top Spec Hair Raisers (A & A Brown, P Thomason, D Topping) 5.24.50; 3, The Boring Gorings (F French, N Fuller, L Adams, B Allen) 5.25.44; 4, Lycetts A Class Act; 5, Art Hotel Chasers; 6, Coltsfoot Cunning Stunts. intermediate.— 1, Teme Valley Tigers (S Myhill, N Wenban, A Bronwin, C Furness) 4.31; 2, Court Flyers 1 (A & C Marston, J Mannicom, T Goulding) 4.41; 3, Cut and Laid (T Paske, C Thurogood, P Browse, D Watts) 4.42; 4, Buster Marquees Details to Follow; 5, More Details to Follow; 6, Wednesday Wobblers. allcomers.— 1, Norfolke and Goode (R Johnson, K Wright, C Abbott, A Shipley) 5.17; 2, Little Sods (S Twiston Davies, W Twiston Davies, R Deutsch, C Deutsch) 5.25; 3, Slick Chicks (C Furness, A Furness, L Davey, G Brundle) 5.26; 4, Pazzi Pontis; 5, Wishful Thinkers; 6, Cotswold Vale Vixens. fun.— 1, Just for Laughs; 2, Angry Dragons; 3, Ludlow Lynwoods; 4, Chicken Run; 5, Surf N Turf; 6, Toby and the Tobyettes

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