Cotswold team chasing results, 31 October

  • Open.— 1, Point Two TopSpec Hair Raisers (A Brown, A Brown, P Thomason, P Still) 4.15.09; 2, Art Hotel Chasers (S Myhill, H Moodie, L Seidel, R Mason) 4.16.29; 3, Boring Gorings (N Fuller, L Adams, B Allen) 4.24.39; 4, Equiform Farmers Bloodhounds; 5, The Cunning Stunts; 6, Court Flyers II. int.— 1, Tuffrock Wishful Thinkers (S Coady, K Richards, F Price, E Wass) 4.20.47; 2, Relentless Them and Us (M Wall, P Mason, C Cotton, A Shipley) 4.35.21; 3, Point Two TopSpec Close Shavers (A Brown, P Thomason, M Cramb, D Manning) 4.40.15; 4, RoR Lycetts A Class Act B; 5, Happy Hackers; 6, Wicked and Wild. nov (bogey time).— 1, Tarts on Tour (F Symes, R King, J Carter); 2, Pheasant Flyers (M Vestey, L Pinfield, K Merrett, S Stafford); 3, Angry Dragons (C Ticehurst, L Barrett, N Coombes, S Hunter); 4, The Racers; 5, Daring Dibbens; 6, Cotswold Vale Vixen Cubs. military.— 1, Royal Wessex Yeomanry (Maj Gen A Denaro, Lt Col R Clifford, Maj Alexander Bathurst, Col Jim Arkell); 2, King’s Troop D Team (Gnr Kershaw, Gnr Merrick, Gnr Wyatt, Sgt Dennis); 3, King’s Troop C Team (Bdr Shenton, Gnr Matthews, Maj Cross, Gnr Sanders).

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