BDS East Anglia driving results, 17 May

  • Ride and drive.— 1, Ellarslea Hallmark (S Wootton); 2, George (A Brown); 3, Felinfach Tory Boy (V Francis). country turnout.— 1 & ch, The Poacher (J Osborne); 2, George (M Vyse); 3, Maesllwich Rosina (L Swain). private drive 13.2hh & under.— 1, Temple Druid Boltwood (K Cromack); 2, Maesllwich Rosina (L Swain); 3, Rex Of Larkrise (J Snowdon). over 13.2hh.— 1, Parkton Unique (L Edmonds); 2, Waveney Cabaletta (H Sharp); 3, Glanvyrnwy Prince of Wales (N Winney). M&M (ex reg Welsh).— 1, Murvey Dunhill (S Walrond); 2, Guardsman Of Sunny Neuk (S Winney); 3, Rex Of Larkrise (J Snowdon). novice private driving.— 1 & res, Brookfield Showtime (J Dudley-Apicella); 2, Sunbeam Touch Of Star (J Randall); 3, Tycwm Sebastian (R Neal). pure-bred reg Welsh D, singles.— 1, Parkton Unique (L Edmonds); 2, Glanvyrnwy Prince Of Wales (N Winney). open private driving hackney singles.— 1, Brookfield Showtime (J Dudley-Apicella); 2, Baldwins John Boy (E Smith); 3, Sunbeam Touch of a Star (J Randall). multiples.— 1, Thankyou Ovation & Thankyou Oh Wow (T Reeve); 2, Rex of Larkrise & Gometra Halyard (J Snowdon). light trade two wheel.— 1, The Poacher (J Osborne); 2, Stan The Man (E Hopton). four wheel.— 1, Tom (W McDermott); 2, Trixies Howd You Like It (T Fountain); 3, Brimstone The Fenman (M Burgess). pleasure driving 13.2hh & under.— 1, Larapinta Red Kite (M Hussey); 2 & res, Kellas Oyster Royal (G Lister); 3, Pops (S King). over 13.2hh.— 1 & ch, Brimstone The Zar (H Moyes). exercise vehicle two wheel.— 1, Royal Sunshine (L Smith); 2, Shilstone Rocks Snowdon (S King); 3, Larapinta Red Kite (M Hussey). four wheel.— 1, Brimstone The Zar (H Moyes). young driver 10-14yrs.— 1 & res, Rex Of Larkrise (A Turner); 2, Larkrise Pearly King (T Lilley). 15-17yrs.— 1 & ch, Royal Sunshine (L Smith); 2, Rex Of Larkrise (E Faulkner); 3, Mini Cooper (C McCarthy). style & performance non-traditional.— 1, Murvey Dunhill (S Walrond); 2, Tiley Trotter (J Bowling); 3, Baldwins John Boy (E Smith). traditional.— 1, Thomas (P Mills); 2, Mini Cooper (C McCarthy).

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