Meet Scope Festival pony discovery champion Demi Watson

  • After finishing second in the pony Discovery championship at Scope Festival last year, Demi Watson was not to be denied this time, and she conjured a superb round from Bramblebrough Alan to finish 2secs ahead of Harriet Locke (Little Jimmey) and Romilly Simmons (Dingle Julie).

    After being tipped off about her winning partner by friends, Demi, 16, who is in her final pony year, went to see the Irish-bred Bramblebrough Alan two years ago, but it was hardly love at first sight.

    “He was quite a raw four-year-old and we bought him mainly as a project to bring on. At first I found him quite sharp, and he couldn’t canter properly, so to get him more balanced, we spend a lot of time on flat work. Now he has really settled down, is snaffle mouth and he is the easiest pony to ride,” explained Demi.

    As Demi is still in full time education, her ponies have to fit in around school.

    “Luckily, school isn’t too far away. Mum (Nicola) does the ponies in the morning, and I ride every day when I come home. He (Bramblebrough Alan) doesn’t need any schooling, and we never jump him at home.

    “He can be a fussy eater, and prefers mix with all his feeds, but hand fed carrots are off the menu, as he once mistook my finger for one,” said Demi, who also manages to fit in playing netball for a local (Wolverhampton) team, and running up to six miles.

    “Running helps me to relax and keep me fit — friends call me Duracelle because I never run out of energy,” added Demi who has competed at Scope throughout her pony years.

    “I have had plenty of places before now, but this is my first win. We still have more classes to do, but whatever happens now, my last Scope on ponies has finished on a high with a championship win,” said Demi.

    Scope Festival results

    Equibox British novice warm up. 1, Trivia (K Grimster); 2, Zambezi IV (C De Verteiul); 3, Rocko VIII (S Oliver). Halsall Electrical National grade B prelim. 1, Gucciland (O Gent); 2, Rubiroso JX (K Shore); 3, Dougie Douglas (H Gillot). KBIS Insurance National senior British novice championship. 1, Hay Que Fabulosa (B Ward); 2, Skerne Scipio (D Morton); 3, Apache Springtime (L Poole). HBF Equestrian 1.30m classic prelim. 1, Wavanta (A Thompson); 2, Zilfa Heleen (J Wingrove); 3, VIP III (P Scott). Netley Hall Equestrian Centre pony Discovery. 1, Bramblebrough Alan (D Watson); 2, Little Jimmey (H Locke); 3, Dingle Julie (R Simmons). Squibb Demolition pony Foxhunter Masters. 1, King Mac (E Ward); 2, Cisco Bay II (F Adams); 3, Minison (R Hegarty. Animo UK Children on horses championship. 1, Osaka Des Quarts (K Deakin); 2, Conquistador II (J Saywell); 3, Black Cat (J Whitaker). Equestrian Clearance.com newcomer masters. 1, Zeppeling (N Pavitt); 2, Anyway II (R Whitaker); 3, Foxglade Little Lady (A Bradstock). Graham Heath Construction National under 16 prelim. 1, Twilight Van Het Rietven (C Dawson); 2 & 3, Valentinas Tilia & Under Cover 3 (G Babes). Hopkinson National under 21/Mitchel Moor Equestrian under 1 prelim. 1, Wellington M (K Brennan); 2, Spirit VIII (T Wilks); 3, Vilka B (A Squires). Addington Manor talent seekers inc Pegasus Stud National 7yo prelim. 1, Lord Of Arabia (J Whitaker); 2, Dougie Douglas (H Gillot); 3, Festiena Van Texelhof (N Pavitt). Peace, Love, World pony adventurer prelim. 1, Park Mr Smart (L Jones); 2, Apache Soulja Boy (P Wilman); 3, Adams Fancy (V Welch). Katherine James 1.0m novice prelim. 1, Hambrooke’s 1st Lady (J Randall); 2, Royal Rowan (A Trickett); 3, Calvin IV (C Foreman). Pink Equine stepping stones prelim. 1, Tazmania II (H Barker); 2, Just Dandy (T Jones); 3, Rockingstone Maise Mouse (M Maguire). Tacklockers.com National pony British novice prelim. 1, Another Lady II (D Rogan); 2, Cranberry Twist (I Allen); 3, Vinnigan Finnigan (M Cronk). Mandy Hall National pony 1.15m members cup prelim. 1, Park Mr Smart (L Jones); 2, Frankies Ace (D Hughes); 3, Minison (R Hegarty). Graham Heath Construction National primary prelim. 1, Peppino Il Grande (D Deakin); 2 & 3, Madonna & Tatty Desire (A McLean).

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