Time to celebrate! 17 Scope champions who rocked the victory lap

You’ve won the class, you’ve collected the trophy, there’s only one thing left to do — it’s time to celebrate on your victory lap! The prize-givings at the Alexanders Horseboxes Scope Festival (UK) Supreme Championships are fantastic entertainment and we’ve picked out 17 worthy winners from last week’s show who really know how to rock that lap of honour in style

1. Giving Frankie Dettori a run for his money

1 Charlie Atkinson Riding Bunbury Conquest Tiny Tots GRAH3939hhweb

Charlie Atkinson and Bunbury Conquest, Tiny Tots champions

2. All smiles

2 Harry Wood - Going Platinum - POYS 7Yr GRAH0702hhweb

Harry Wood and Going Platinum, winners of the POYS seven-year-old elite title

3. Taking flight

4 Sophie Phillips - Valentino - Supreme Novice Masters GRAH0792hhweb

Sophie Phillips and Valentino, who headed Supreme Novice Masters

4. “Let me go faster!”

6 Kallum Fletcher - Disco III COH GRAH4334hhweb

Kallum Fletcher and Disco III, children-on-horses champions

5. It’s a pint-sized Frankel

7 Iwan Carpenter - Follow Jazzy Lady POYS 5and6 GRAH0504hhweb

Iwan Carpenter and Follow Jazzy Lady, winners of the POYS five- and six-year-old elite championship

6. Elegantly distinguished

8 Claire Williamson - Spring Fair GH 85cm GRAH2443hhweb

Claire Williamson and Spring Fair, 85cm champions

7. In the red

Abigale Dorset - Dark Aurora

Abigale Dorset and Dark Aurora, Bright Star victors

8. Rising to the occasion

Katie Benbow - Ruby St Loise

Katie Benbow and Ruby St Loise, who headed the 95cm

9. Powering round

Louise Saywell  - Feigtling

Louise Saywell and Feightling, ladies champions

10. Victory salute

12 Lily Freeman Attwood My Bugsy Malone 138cm BETL2416hhweb

Lily Freeman Attwood and My Bugsy Malone, 138cm primary winners

11. High five!

13 Rachel Proudley - Painted Lady IV - 128cm xBETL2366hhweb

Rachel Proudley and Painted Lady IV, 128cm primary champions

12. Blink and you’ll miss them

Lily Smith - Holly VI CP 138cm

Lily Smith and Holly VI, 138cm debut winners

13. Perfectly poised

15 Jessica Howard - Rocky Robin - Peace Love GRAH1653hhweb

Jessica Howard and Rocky Robin, adventurer victors

14. Desert Orchid eat your heart out

16 Faye Sutton Robe Ruadh 148cm GRAH5265hhweb

Faye Sutton and Robe Ruadh, 148cm champions

15. The need for speed

Sandy Mclean GH U16

Sandy McLean and Warhol Wulfselection, under-16 title-holders

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16. Woah there!

18 Iwan Carpenter - Brookhall Glimpse - 128cm GRAH0049hhweb

Iwan Carpenter is back again, this time on Brookhall Glimpse, supreme 128cm victors

17. And finally… Morgan nails it!

19 Morgan Carpenter Merllyns Mirage 1.10 Grand Prix Grah6313hhweb

Morgan Carpenter and Merllyns Mirage, winners of the 1.10m grand prix, show exactly how it should be done when it comes to rocking the lap of honour. Well done all!

Don’t miss the full report from Alexanders Horseboxes Scope Festival (UK) Supreme Championships in this week’s issue of Horse & Hound magazine (1 September 2016)

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