8 pint-sized ponies who think they’re Big Star

  • It never ceases to amaze us how much scope and agility the smallest ponies show over the coloured poles. If they were three or four hands higher, they’d be flying round 1.60m grand prix tracks with their eyes closed. We have simply fallen in love with some of these pint-sized ponies who starred at the Alexanders Horseboxes Scope Festival (UK) Supreme Championships last week — all of whom secretly think their name might be Big Star

    1. Mini Milton

    1 Iwan Carpenter - Brookhall Glimpse - 128cm GRAH9891hhweb

    Brookhall Glimpse simply pings round the sizeable fences with Iwan Carpenter to earn the title of 128cm champions

    2. Big Star’s not a patch on me

    2 Rachel Proudley - Painted Lady IV - 128cm GRAH7226hhweb

    Painted Lady IV has more than a spring in her step as she scurries round en route to become 128cm primary champion with Rachel Proudley.

    3. Where’s the next fence?

    Lily Smith - Holly VI CP 138cm

    Holly VI hurdles this vertical with ears pricked and relishing every challenge thrown at her in the 138cm debut championship, which she won with Scope debutante Lily Smith

    4. Point those toes!

    4Charlie Atkinson Riding Bunbury Conquest Tiny Tots GRAH3805hhweb

    Little Bunbury Conquest clears the fences impeccably neatly with Charlie Atkinson, on their way to a stylish victory in the Tiny Tots

    5. No scope, no hope

    5 Iwan Carpenter - Follow Jazzy Lady POYS 5and6 GRAH0410hhweb1

    Follow Jazzy Lady just wants to jump higher and higher for Iwan Carpenter and they head the POYS five- and six-year-old elite championship

    6. Just call me Cassionato…

    6 Jessica Howard - Rocky Robin - Peace Love GRAH1543hhweb

    Rocky Robin sprouts wings to soar over every fence to win the Peace Love World adventurer title with Jessica Howard

    7. When I grow up I want to be…

    Ellie Burrell Squibb Mini Mouse II

    Mini Mouse II looks rocket-fuelled en route to Cats & Pipes 128cm debut glory with Ellie Burrell Squibb

    8. Don’t look down!

    8 Lily Freeman Attwood My Bugsy Malone 138cm GRAH8490hhweb

    The one and only My Bugsy Malone, just 138cm, hits dizzying heights with Lily Freeman Attwood to take the primary title

    Don’t miss the full report from Alexanders Horseboxes Scope Festival (UK) Supreme Championships in today’s issue of Horse & Hound (1 September 2016)

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