Aachen salutes Dobel’s Cento

  • This evening in Aachen Dobel’s Cento, Otto Becker’s top ride will be officially retired. An official ‘farewell ceremony’ will take place during a pause in the second round of the Nation’s Cup in the main stadium.

    The 17-year-old Holstein stallion (Capitol I x Caletto II) and his rider won team gold at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, team bronze in Athens as well as gold in the European Championships in 2003 and bronze in 2001.

    “I have been riding Dobel’s Cento for 11 years now and have celebrated many victories with him,” said Otto. “At the age of 17, he won this year’s Nation’s Cup in La Baule, which is why his owner, Horst Karcher, and I have decided to retire him from competitive sport now.

    “The stadium at Aachen is very special for us — we had many victories here.”

    During his career, Dobel’s Cento won €1,026,188 — and has passed his winning streak onto his progeny. In the past year alone, 151 of his offspring were successful in competition, accumulating €566,624.

    Read the news from Aachen in full in next week’s Horse & Hound (7 September)

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