Showing results 7 September ’03


    Deanwater Classic cob (Miss La Four, A Steward) l’wt 1 & res, P Cooper’s Telly Tubbs; I Darcy’s Doctor Bob; 3, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Callisto. h’wt 1, ch, sup & res sup cob ch, T Briggs’s Boy George; 2, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Krypton; 3, S Naper’s Huggy Bear. supreme riding horse (Mrs Macdonald Bassett, Miss V Millwood) small 1 & res, J Stewar’s Smallfry; 2, Mrs Stennett’s One Better; 3, Mrs Seely’s Oiret. lge 1 & ch, A Lance’s Merlin; 2, M Nicholson’s Moonraker; 3, S Antemes’ Vaguely Sensational. hack (Ms S Turner, Mrs J McHugh) small 1 & res, Fagan Electrical’s Colbeach Starlight Express; 2, R Blissitt’s Lord Of The Dance; 3, N Whitelock’s Litton Shadow Dancer. lge 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs J Keen’s Marquis Of Queensbury; 2, Mr & Mrs Underwood’s Ballykissangel; 3, Mr & Mrs B Williams’ Saran Wild Rose. side-saddle (Mrs S Payne) 1, J Hallett’s Grey Lady Of Alderbourne; 2, Krypton; 3, L Kidner’s Another Pippin. Cherif qual (Miss S Turner) 1, J Reed’s Kingsford Silver Spray; 2, C Wareing’s Affinity; 3, A Bell’s Brizemead Baccarat. under-25 riding horse (Miss X Barker-Wilde) 1, S Pickup’s Hamptonne Prince Of Tides; 2 L Fisher’s Cliston Amber; 3 & ch, S Neachell’s Lyndrose Bobby Dazzler. hack 1 & res, J Harforth’s Apres Nous; 2, Fagan Electrical’s Colbeach Starlight Express; 3, Mr Parkin’s Finders Keepers. amateur hack (Miss S Chapman, Miss A Mitchell) small 1, ch & res sup & sup amateur, Lord Of The Dance; 2, Mr & Mrs Baldwin’s Swing Gently; 3, R Miller’s Regal Dancer. lge 1 & res, K Hewetson’s Morning Music; 2, Ballykissangel; 3, Mrs McHenry’s Cool Customer. amateur riding horse (Miss La Four, A Steward) small 1 & res, J Brook’s Taliesyn Talisman; 2, I Darcy’s Alpine Diplomat; 3,Mr Lobb’s Gypsy Joan. lge 1 & ch, T Carey’s Class Act; 2, D McCloy’s Classic Court; 3, C Willett’s Vienna After Dark. young riding horse (Mrs A Wright) 1, Lyndrose Bobby Dazzler; 2, J Fisher’s Cliston Amber; 3, J Jefferson’s State Policy. hack 1, J Williams’ Highland Reel; 2, Apres Nous; 3, H Baker’s Springfield Sir Galahad. working riding horse (Mrs M McLennan) 1, T Bailey’s Mayday; 2, Oiret; 3, L Stanton’s Beau Geste. young cob (Mrs A Wright) 1, C Neame’s Invincible; 2, P Cooper’s Lord Of The Rings; Baileys Horse Feeds’ Equator. amateur cob (Mrs S Payne, J Rawding) l’wt 1, Doctor Bob; 2, R Rowly’s Tom Firr; 3, A Hance’s Rich Champion. h’wt 1 & ch, E Bury’s Waterford; 2, Huggy Bear; 3, H Erner’s Macateer. working (MRs McLennan) novice 1, S Philips’ Goldburg; 2, Lady C Tyrell’s Be A Sport; 3, R Brown’s Greengrass. open 1, Tellytubbs; 2, E Bury’s Irish Jig; 3, E Cheffings’ High Moon. under-25 (Miss S Chapman) 1, A MacKenzie’s Highlander; 2, J Peak’s Aquarius; 3, M Nicholson’s Earn Park Padraig. best trained show horse (Miss V Millwood, J Rawding, Mrs J cHugh) 1, K Hewetson’s Somerset Midnight; 2, Lady Tyrell’s The Friar; 3, C West-Webbe’s Alvescott Punk Rocker. novice hack (Mrs J Cooper, Mrs S Featherstone) small 1 & ch, Apres Nous; 2 & res, Kingsford Silver Spray; 3, S Walker’s Front Page News. lge 1, S Noble’s Dark Secret; 2, Mr & Mrs J Keen’s Billy Elliot; 3, N Graylen’s Saxen Master Harry. open (Mrs A Ferbyhough, Miss A Mitchell) small 1 & res, Mrs McHenry’s Derwent Mr Worldy Wise; 2, Kingsford Silver Spray; 3, Regal Dancer. lge 1 & ch, V Smith’s Spellbound; 2, Morning Music; 3, Cool Customer. open cob (Miss J Cooper, Mrs S Featherstone) l’wt 1, ch, sup cob & sup of show, R Christie’s Rob Roy; 2, J Henderson’s Braveheart; 3, C Fairburn’s Carlingford. h’wt 1 & res, Krypton ; 2, I Darcy’s Trunk Call; 3, Waterford. riding horse (Mrs A Lance, Miss S Prior) small 1 & ch, W Falcus’ Easter Lily; 2, C Heseltine’s Little Gem; 3, Alpine Diplomat. lge 1 & res, Massey Group’s Spellbound; 2, J Carter’s Dallas Gazumpa; 3, Class Act. novice cob, l’wt 1 & ch, Lady Tyrell’s Beaverbrook; 2, J Jenkins’ Gemini; 3, Lord Of The Rings. h’wt 1 & res, C Neame’s Invincible; 2, Equator; 3, K Walsh’s Buzz Lightyear. home-produced riding horse (P Gover, Mrs J Whiteley) 1, E Curtis & S Busibridge’s Pilgrims Confidence; 2, R Chadwick’s Way Out Yonder; 3, H Richards’ Rock Star. lge 1, Class Act; 2, L Flatman’s Lostock Pennine; 3, Classic Court. home-prod hack (Miss S Butler) 1, Marquis Of Queensbury; 2, Mrs Seely’s Rosedale Miss Dior; 3, Saxen Master Bruno. restricted riding horse (Mrs M McLennan, Mrs Howard-Price) small 1, S Iggulden’s Captain Correlli; 2, S Cuff’s Double Take Again; 3, Lady Hedgerley’s Pilgrims Confidence. lge 1, C Johnson’s Airs & Graces; 2, E Edwards’ Coppelia; 3, E Edwards’ Wizzy Willum. hack, small 1 & res, C Palmer’s Ambershire Chatsworth; 2, Somerset Midnight; 3, A Jackson’s Stanley Grange Royal March. lge 1, Billy Elliot; 2, T Carey’s Secret Thoughts. novice riding horse (Mrs A Fernyhough, Miss A Mitchell) small 1 & ch, res sup C Bardo’s Seafarer; 2 & res, Hamptonne Prince Of Tides; 3, Gypsy Joan. lge 1, S Cowley’s Tynevalley Technique; 2, S A Cowley’s Hawtins Santina; 3, J Jenkins’ Anthonys Boy. rest cob (Miss S Butler, Mrs Arkell) l’wt 1, Another Pippin; 2, Lockwood; 3, M Hitchen’s Henry VIII. h’wt 1 & ch, Equator; 2, Mannanan stud’s Black Jack; 3, C Elcock’s Longford. int SHT (G Taylor) lge 1, Dell Park Stud’s Irish Lights; 2, E Curtis & S Busibridge’s Pilgrims Trinnia. SRT, lge 1, Hamtonne Prince Of Tides; 2, Lyndrose Bobby Dazzler; 3, Rock Star. small 1, T Roper-Caldbeck’s Holltess Veni Vidi Vici; 2, Colbeach Starlight Express; 3, L Fisher’s Chinook Double Time. home-prod cob (P Gover) l’wt 1, G Gale’s Ellistown Duchess; 2, N Curbishley’s Double Take; 3, J Goostrey’s The Gingerbreadman. h’wt 1 & res, Trunk Call; 2, Y Knight’s Wash N Go; 3, G Gale’s Harper. riding horse b’mare (Mrs A Hooley) small 1, V Hosegood’s Archers Falimo. lge 1 & ch, A Welch’s Atlantics Riverdance; 2, M Bunting’s Champagne Sparkle. foal 1, V Hosegood; 2, Sporting Horse Stud’s Devils Rock; 3, C Farnaby’s Valepark Floretina. y’ling 1, J Morris’ Master Gamble. lge 1 & res, Sporting Horse Stud’s Devil At Daybreak. 2/3-y-o, small 1, ch & sup in-hand, J Downs’ Renkum Acrobat; 2, A Bell’s Brizemead Chatterbox; 3, S Cushing’s Royal Occasion. lge 1, T Wareham & A Bassett’s Monte Cristo. hack mare, small 1 & ch, C Farnaby’s Valepark Mystic Cloud; 2, L Hall’s Country Code; 3, L Morris’ Mistress Gamble. foal 1, L Morris’ Mistress Gamble. lge mare 1, J Foster’s Fairlyn Faberge. foal 1, J Foster’s Aron Rasputin. y’ling 1, W Lloyd’s Marshbrook Spring Encounter; 2, L Pitt’s Whalton High Point; 3, N Hutton-MacKenzie’s Mettlewood Jubilee Tribute. lge 1 & ch, Marshbrook Spring Encounter; 2, Devil At Daybreak; 3, Z Fillery’s Wave Song Magic Merlin. 2-y-o, small 1, L Upton’s Twilight Dejavu. lge 1, K Healy’s Abbeys Fair Breeze; 2, Mrs Alexandroff’s Regardez Moi; 3, J Downs’ Mariday. 3-y-o 1 & res, K Hillman’s Kelmstone Royal Otter; 2, T Allpress’s Wolvers Gold Digger. in-hand cob mare 1 & ch, A Bartolomy’s Rose Of Tralee; 2, M Nicholson’s Miss Understood; 3, A Bassett’s Betty Boo. 2/3-y-o 1 & res, S Lawrence’s Wulfstan Cassius Clove; 2, A Fisher’s Imperialle. Anglo/part-bred mare 1, Country Code; 2, Fairlyn Faberge. y’lng 1, ch & res in-hand, J Grace & Mr & Mrs Taylor’s Stanley Grange Royal Appointment; 2, Mettlewood Jubilee Tribute; 3, Wave Song Magic Merlin. 2-y-o 1 & res, L Uptons’ Twilight Dejavu; 2, Regardez Moi. 3-y-o 1 & ch, Wolvers Story Teller; 2, K Hillman’s Kelmstone Royal Otter. veteran (G Taylor) 1, Double Take Again; 2, V Stanton’s Spitting Inage; 3, Grey Lady Of Alderbourne.

    MORETON-IN-MARSH Showg’d, Glos, 6 September

    ridden hunters (B Millington, D Machin) 4-y-o 1 & ch, N Moon’s Beckett IV; 2,K Bloom’s Classic Collection; 3, I Adsetts’s Oliver Thornton. novice 1, A Hall’s My Shout; 2,H Rodgers’s District Court; 3, E Gibson’s The Philosopher. ladies’ (A Hooley) 1, K Bloom’s Lord Theodore; 2, J Cooper’s Backchat; 3, H Loffstadt’s Gainborough II. HOYS ( A Hooley, J MacInnes) lwt 1, A Hall’s Henry; 2, A Vos’s Mountain Ember; 3, J Day’s Ernie. mwt 1 & res, Lord Dulverton’s Spirited Saint; 2, District Court; 3, H Harper’s Blade. hwt 1 & ch, W &E Gibson’s Shelford Rupert; 2, Kelanne Stud’s Ardenode; 3, J Lockwood’s Caruso II. amateur (A Levy, A Varley) lwt 1 & res, N Moon’s Sam Brown V; 2, The Philosopher; 3, J Smith’s Beach Baby. hwt 1 & ch, Shelford Rupert; 2, Blade; 3, R Dudley’s Moses II. in-hand (A Hawkins) y’ling 1, A Taylor’s Diamond Light’s; 2, M Haden’s Blazers Man; 3, H Kitchener’s Yet Another Orange One. 2-y-o 1 & ch, I Adsetts’s Dare To Dream; 2 & res filly, A Vos’s Mountain Firecrest; 3, H Kitchener’s Mud Max. 3-y-o 1 & ch filly, F Wigley’s Tinahely; 2, G Merton’s Penstrumbly Abram; 3, G Sandford’s Mins Mayday. b’mare 1 & res, A Vos’s Mountain Firefly; 2 & res mare, S Proctor’s Sense Of Freedom; 3, P Haltam’s Rynskys Girl. foal 1, P Haltam’s Lady Davina; 2, S Proctor’s Freedom Fighter; 3, A Vos’s Flying Phoenix. local ridden hunter (I Smeeth) 1, D Beetson’s Bucky Right Decision; 2, C Alexander’s Charcoal Charlie; 3, S Water’s Misty Prince. working hunter (J Trice-Rolph, R Sharp) amateur 1, J Southall’s Forge Romany Carousel; 2, T Johnson’s Fools Gold II; 3, Buckby Right Decision. novice 1 & ch, J Snedker’s Storming Norman; 2 & res, K Johnson’s Impy; 3, M Seldon-Truss’s Baldungan. WH (R Sharp, B Millington) lwt 1 & res, A Hall’s Phantasy; 2, S Hooper’s Classic Gold; 3, M Cliffe’s Felton Acis. hwt 1 & ch, S Hastie’s Hilton Holocost; 2, J Snedker’s Killowen Rocket; 3, M Cooper’s Diamond White II. side-saddle (V Hood) open 1, D Gilbert’s Royal Flush; 2, C Dawson’s Shadow Of Doubt; 3, H Hogarth’s Le Grand. do jumping 1, P Delaney’s Noble Sovereign; 2, E Lacey’s Osbourne Lucky Lady; 3, B Taylor’s Ashby Midnight Star. hack (J Phillip’s, A Hawkins) small 1 & ch, Hornby & Hardy’s Oh So Dusty; 2, Z Little’s Maimore Party Time; 3, C Ham’s Basford Blue Smoke. lge 1 & res, Dell Park Stud’s Basford Black; 2, P Langrick’s Party Spirit; 3, T Lawrence’s Honey Glider. ridden cob (J Maynard, J Jenkins) lwt open 1 & ch, M Watson’s The Sportsman; 2 & res, S Halfpenny’s Whiskey Jake; 3, N Hawkins’s Proper Job. hwt 1, P Langrick’s Paddy IV; 2, C Crumps’s Awesome. riding horse (S Payne, J Stephens) small 1 & ch, K Smith’s Broxwood; 2, J Brook’s Taliesyn alisman; 3, J West’s Haddon Hurricane. lge 1, K Hennesey’s Seabourne Dizzy Heights; 2 & res, D Machin’s Bally Kelly; 3, A Witcom’s Redline Fennel. Cherif (J Hugo) Anglo & part-bred Arab 1, Witcom & Fielding’s Millbridge Flashman; 2, J Payne’s Soyara’s Touch Of Fidelity. private driving (G Stewart) 1, J James’s Joshua; 2, R Cleaver’s Victoria Intrepadity; 3, J Redfern’s Brockett. concours d’elegance 1, Brockett. M&M (S Hore) LR 1 & res, H Bright’s Springwater Dauntless; 2, L Stewart’s Waitwith Connie; 3, M Cookson’s Foxtrot Gemma. FR 1 & ch, K Barr’s Ekens Fifer; 2, H Bright’s Hisley Saunter; 3, M Haddon’s Escley Top Flight. ridden (S Linden, I Lloyd) New Forest, Connemara 1, J Wyslych’s Sydserff Golden Oak; 2, N Race’s Poppy; 3, S Field’s Golden Star. Fell, Highland, Shetland 1 & res, V Hawkin’s Lochlands Musician; 2, J Rose’s Murdoch Of Sunnynuek; 3, A Brown’s Lawrence Of Dinefor. Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland 1 & ch, S Harrison’s Bransdby King Of Diamonds; 2, V O’Connor’s Fairmarsh Marabou; 3, S Hughes’s Sugarbrook Whinfield. Welsh sec A/B 1, J Smith’s Barkla Royal Heir; 2, A Nilsson’s Skellorn Silver Coin; 3, C Phillip’s Wilcrick Bobby Dazler. sec C/D 1, J Allen’s How Brenin; 2, G Brown’s Wyken Limelight; 3, S Ashton’s Croesgadwr Samual. in-hand (S Hore) sec A/B, 4yr & over 1 & ch, D Jordan’s Skellorn Christopher Robin; 2, J Beasley’s Sunrising Bomber Boy; 3, J Beasley’s Ruthley Wild Champagne. 1-3-y-o 1 & res, A Bain’s Bryncarreg Luce; 2, Smith & Jones’s Broughton Disraeli. sec C/D do 1, L Larkman’s Elsinore Simon Sparrow; 2, P Whitlock’s Tricallan Final Frost; 3, L Wallace’s Ballacrulla Diamond. M&M WHP HOYS (H Philipson-Stow, J Custerson) under 122cm 1 & res, W Watherston’s Crugmelyn Tincer Bach; 2, H Bright’s Hisley Saunter3, M Dennis’s Symondsbury Tabitha. 138cm 1, S Barnett’s Peasdown Party Popper; 2, R Gratton’s Ryanwyn Theoden; 3, S Skier’s Davdor Alyn. over 138cm 1 & ch, M Salter’s Musketeer; 2, Davies & Smith’s Countryside Rambling Boy; 3, K Payne’s Riversdale Master Blaster.

    SCOTTISH FARMER/ HORSE CH’SHIP Strathallan Castle, Auchterarder, 6 September

    Highlands in-hand (S Brooks), stallion/colt 1, R & J Alexandet’s Rannock Of Fourmerk; 2, I R McInroy’s Taymount Of Milroy. yeld mare 1 & res, G & K McMurray’s Trailtrow Taransay; 2, P Gray & G Duncan’s Pipers Black Bryony; 3, A Blackburn’s Glenedin Beth. gelding 1, S Fairfield’s Macallum Of Millfield; 2, H Dick’s Chieftain Of Whitefield; 3, C McQuattie’s. filly/gelding 3-y-o 1 & res y’stk, S Coutts’ Joanna Of Forglen; 2, R Davidson’s Trowan Moulin. filly/gelding, 3-y-o 1 & y’stk ch, S Wardrop’s Grace Of Carlung. colt/filly/gelding, y’ling 1, K Lawson & W Sinclair’s Lochlands Magic Flute; 2, C McQuattie’s Maddie-Rose Of Strathmore; 3, M Forsyth’s Glen Bruar Haggis. ridden (M Inglis) ch final 1, Chieftain Of Whitefield; 2, Trailtrow Taransay; 3, S Brown’s Trailtrow Ealachian; open, under 14hh 1 & ch, Rummelgairie Of Trailtrow. do over 14hh 1 & res, M Campbell’s Prince Of Woodside; 2, G Docherty’s Commander Of Sunnyneuk. nov 1 & ch, Chieftain Of Whitefield; 2, Macallum Of Millfield; 3, P Gray & G Duncan’s Pipers Black Bryony. nursery nov 1 & res, C Molyneux’s Drummond Rhuaridh; 2, A Mitchell’s Dunedin Megan; 3, D Pringle’s Sharian Arina. jnr ridden (S Brooks) 1, Sharian Aina; 2, A Blackburn’s Glenedin Beth. WHP (P Stirling & M Inglis), open 1 & res, Rummelgairie Of Trailtrow; 2, Commander Of Sunnyneuk. nov 1 & ch, Trailtrow Taransay; 2, Trailtrow Ealachian; 3, W Scott’s Carol Of Gargunnock. dressage, open 1, M Grant’s Morvern Of Turin Hill; 2, Rummelgairie Of Trailtrow; 3, Macallum Of Millfield. nov 1, Trailtrow Ealachian; 2, Carol Of Gargunnock. combined training, open 1, Rummelgairie Of Trailtrow; 2, Commander Of Sunnyneuk. do nov 1, Trailtrow Ealachian; 2, Carol Of Gargunnock. Connemara in-hand (P Collier), stallion/mare/gelding 1 & sup, C Lindsay’s Valleyfield Willow; 2, J Staveley’s Bardsey Trinket; 3, K Fraser’s Lintavon Moonlight. colt/filly/gelding, y’stk 1 & res, W Moore’s Free Mains; 2, F Stuart’s Lisheen Marita. ch final (P Collier), stallion/gelding 1 & res, S Smith’s Milford Adventurer. mare 1 & ch, Lintavon Moonlight; 2, J Cramb’s Pilgrims Crystal Sprite; 3, L Russell’s Beenleighford Echo. colt/filly/gelding, 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, Free Mains; 2, J Staveley’s Eastlands Dunielle. ridden (P Collier & S Clark), ch final 1, Beenleighford Echo. open (D Blair) 1 & ch, J Cramb’s Sydserff Clinker; 2, F Jack’s Drummore Special Engagement; 3, Valleyfield Willow. nov 1 & res, Milford Adventurer. nursery nov 1, J Cramb’s Pilgrims Crystal Sprite; 2, W Moore’s Robe Stepper. jnr (S Clark) 1, E Bell’s Acorn. WHP (S Clark & D Blair), nov 1, W Moore’s Robe Stepper. open 1 & ch, Sydserff Klinker; 2, E Bell’s Acorn. dressage, nov 1, Robe Stepper; 2, J Cramb’s Pilgrims Crystal Sprite. do open 1, E Bell’s Acorn; 2, Sydserff Klinker. combined training, nov 1, Robe Stepper. open 1, E Bell’s Acorn; 2, J Cramb’s Sydserff Klinker. Shetlands, standard (G Hurst), stallion 1, J Barry’s Kinkell Guardsman; 2, C Marshall’s Highfield Delius; 3, K & A Scott’s Kerryston Tristar. colt, 2/3-y-o 1, Transy Stud’s Rosedone Of Transy; 2, M McEwan’s Gladiator Of St Ninian; 3, J Murray’s Mawcarse Centurian. b’mare 1, J Barry’s Kinkell Emerald. foal 1, J Murray’s Mawcarse Elsa. yeld mare 1, K & A Scott’s Kerryston Rowan; 2, Transy Stud’s Roseceilidh Of Transy; 3, M McEwan’s Clashandorran Brooke. filly, 2/3-y-o 1 & sup, R Provan’s Waulkmill Good Gracious; 2 & res sup, R Provan’s Waulkmill Forget-Me-Not. y’ling 1, K & A Scott’s Kerryston Ruby; 2, Transy Stud’s Roseltord Of Transy; 3, C Marshall’s Struie Dainty. gelding 1, Broothom Ponies’ Buckberry Ernest; 2, Transy Stud’s Ajax Of Transy; 3, Broothom Ponies’ HRE X-Reg. do under 34in (L Alderkamp), stallion 1 & sup, J Lawrie’s Plumtree Gin Rummy; 2, N Wilson’s Firth Ivory Talisman; 3, M Anderson’s Leithen Copper. colt, 2/3-y-o 1, N Wilson’s Firth Oregano. b’mare 1, J Lawrie’s Tawna Tamar; 2, N Wilson’s Fawcett Sweet Violet. foal 1, J Lawrie’s Milday Lottie; 2, N Wlson’s Mingulay Colorato. filly, 2/3-y-o 1 & res jnr, N Wilson’s Merrylees Leading Lady. y’ling 1 & res sup, J Lawrie’s Milday Lottie; 2, N Wilson’s Mingulay Buttercup; 3, E Leslie’s Glenwhapple M-Jay. ridden, LR 1 & 2, Broothom Ponies’ Buckberry Ernest & Tirrik Of Sunnydale; 3, P Clifford’s Hector Of Transy. FR 1 & ch, Broothom Ponies’ HRE X-Reg; 2, Hector Of Transy; 3, Broothom Ponies’ Vee Of Mackalan; open 1 & res, Tirrik Of Syunnydale; 2, HRE X-Reg; 3, Hector Of Transy. WHP 1, Tirrik Of Sunnydale; 2, Vee Of Mackalan; 3, Broothom Ponies’ Jared Of Musselburgh. young handler 1, Broothom Ponies’ Jared Of Musselburgh; 2, M Warren’s Eastlands McLennan; 3, Broothom Ponies’ Clothie Oness. handy pony 1, Jared Of Musselburgh; 2eq, Tirrik Of Sunnydale & HRE X-Reg.

    SWPCA Elite Devon Leisure Centre, Fishcross, 6 September

    WHP/cob of the year (R Templeton, Mrs R Middleton, T Brash) 122cm 1, J Jarvis’s Greenpark Benjamin; 2, Mesdames Aitken & Beattie’s Roseisle Leisl; 3, K Kilmurray’s Vine Hyrus. 138cm 1 & ch, Mesdames Aitken & Beattie’s Waxwing Rhys; 2, V Morley’s Fauldshope Rhodri; 3, Mrs Bailer’s Sanderson Wild Poppy. exc 138cm 1 & res, I McWilliam’s Earnbank Kokopop; 2, E & A McKay’s Noent Sun Maid; 3, M Smith’s Llansantffraed Charmer. in-hand (R Templeton, K Walker) sec A y’stk 1 & ch, S Anderson & K Scott’s Bryndefaid Anja; 2, L Cormack’s Waxwing Harlequin; 3, K Orr’s Friars Maid In Gold. adult 1 & res, Thomsons’ Cromagtir Dylan; 2, L & K Moy’s Cromagtir Danae; 3, L & K Moy’s Ambercott Pageboy. sec B y’stk 1 & res, R Duncan’s Eyarth Mowgli; 2, K Orr’s Waxwing Marillion; 3, C Strang’s Pedstra May Blossom. adult 1 & ch, A Boyle’s Cloigen Fair Suzie; 2, L Keay’s Rosedust Wild Flower; 3, R Duncan’s Rosedust Black Tulip. sec C y’stk 1, Thomsons’ Neuaddparc Tiny Tears; 2, D Picken’s Kilmars Perfection; 3, L Anderson’s Cwmythan Gwilym. adult 1 & ch, Thomsons’ Neuaddparc Heidi; 2 & res, L Cormack’s Waxwing Rhumba. sec D y’stk 1, ch & o’all Elite in-hand ch, P Burnie’s Durris High Spirits; 2, S Campbell’s Tullibardine The Princess Royal; 3, M Foran’s Lidgett Flying Spark. adult 1 & res, L Anderson’s Llansantffraed Tywysoges; 2, M Foran’s Raggithill Rook. part-bred y’stk 1, ch & o’all Elite in-hand res, R Kelbie’s Lyndrose Catwalk; 2, S Robson’s Perrington Prima Donna; 3, J & A Singleton’s Barleith Ocean Dreams. adult 1 & res, A Efthymiou’s Harlaw Scarlett Ribbons; 2, J & A Singleton’s Glencrutten Geraldo; 3, J & A Singleton’s Windale Willow the Wisp. open ridden (R Templeton, S Howard) LR 1, ch & o’all Elite ridden ch, J Cousens’ Cosford Charmelle; 2, K Miller’s Waxwing Xcel; 3, K Stewart’s Tullibardine Golden Rod. FR 1 & res, C McKnight’s Roseisle Bewildered; 2, K Miller’s Waxwing Xcel; 3, K Slight’s Linksbury Jester. sec A 1, Roseisle Liesl; 2, J Jarvis’s Greenpark Banjamin. sec B 1, E McCulloch’s Greenbarrow Grandee; 2, S Hoggans’ Rotherwood Party Popper; 3, S Dudgeon’s Telynau Grenadier. sec C 1, ch & o’all Elite ridden res, Mesdames Aitken & Beattie’s Waxwing Rhys. sec D 1 & res, J McKnight’s Ty’reos Sir Ken; 2, L Cormack’s Vatersay Of Knoxfauld; 3, S Tait’s Oughtrington Red Rose.

    BRITISH ARABIAN CH’SHIP Hartpury, Glos, 7 September

    in-hand geldings (S Plant) y’ling 1, S Madgwick’s Ali G; 2, E Woodward’s HT Memphis; 3, J Steel’s AArazon. 2-y-o 1 & sup, M Foreman’s Dancin Dream; 2 & res jnr ch, T Holland’s Paciffic; 3, Haughey & Breheny’s Ffabian. 3-y-o 1, P Howell’s ZA Marengo; 2, P Westwood’s MHS Wytuki; 3, S Robinson’s Aarin. gelding 4-6-y-o (B Cary) 1 & res sup, W Horwell’s Shaylas Attraction; 2, H Crowle’s Zinjadi; 3, V Marsh’s Halim el Shakllan. 7yr & over 1 & res snr ch, A Burr’s Hasllem; 2, D Tryhorn’s El Carmelle, 3, S Tyne’s Eternal Spirit. amateur (P Gamlin) 1 & ch, J Johansson-Massey’s Bluebells The Moon Prince; 2 & res, Zinjadi; 3, MHS Wytuki. ridden (M Fuller) stallion 4-9-y-o 1 & ch stallion, R Titterington’s Shadow Blue; 2, J Davidson’s Samhire; 3, G Zajacka’s Ibn Kesharm. mares 4-8-y-o 1 & sup, R Titterington’s Shamzarah; 2, Z King’s Crystal Sahara; 3, A Higgin’s Johara Khan. 9yr & over 1 & res sup, C Dabbs’s Ramilla; 2, Kettles & Grant’s Varaina; 3, J Bishop’s Muzahla. geldings 4-6-y-o 1, G Ayub’s Dreamcatcher; 2, C Thorne’s Kaaih; 3, M Wragg’s Muzonomy. 7-9-y-o 1 & res gelding, Hasleem; 2, R Titterington’s Crown Prince Silver Blue; 3, S George’s Luzhanas Star Gazer. 10yr & over 1 & ch gelding, B Allen’s Jawhari; 2, A Boyle’s Maleikero; 3, A Boyle’s Brimblemere Valiant. amatuer (F Chivers) 1 & ch, I Brook’s Jedrani El Shaklan; 2 & res, A Palmer’s Rajol Ibn Rusleem; 3, L Hodgetts’s Paneer.


    Supreme Champion West Lodge Annie (K & R Stewart). In-Hand Champion West Lodge Annie. Reserve Concorde Of Whitefield. Yeld Mare In Ridden Class 1, Heatherbelle of Turin Hill (EB Compton); 2, West Lodge Amy (K & R Stewart); 3, Strathardle Glory (D Estate). Gelding 4yo & Over 1, Macallum of Millfield (S Fairfield); 2, Prince of Woodside (M Campbell); 3, Whitefield Prince Henry (F Bell). Veteran Pony 15yo & Over 1, Trudie of Sunnyneuk ( KM & WJ Taylor); 2, Vaila of Strathmore (FF Lawson); 3, Mary of Invervack (N Saunderson). Non Ridden Yeld Mare 1, Glenbanchor Canna (S Yeaman); 2, Hebe of Glenbuckie (H Keir); 3, Jinty of Prosen (FF Lawson). 5 – 3yo Filly Or Gelding 1, Stuartdene (K McKay); 2, Eastmoorhouse Isla (J Coull). 2yo Colt, Filly Or Gelding 1, Longriggs Sullven (B Maddox). Yearling 1, Ribhinn of Kirkcarrion (E Douglas); 2, Mistique of Millfield (J Allan). Broodmare 1, West Lodge Annie (K & R Stewart); 2, Selina of Caenlochan (KM & WJ Taylor); 3, Trudie of Sunnyneuk (KM & WJ Taylor). Foal 1, Trudie of Sunnyneuk (KM & WJ Taylor); 2, Selina of Caenlochan (KM & WJ Taylor); 3, West Lodge Annabelle (K & R Stewart). Stallion 1, Concorde of Whitefield (KM & WJ Taylor). Partbred 1, Enough Said (M Pratt); 2, Highland Midge (A Roberts); 3, Sheriffyards Caraigh (J Coull). Young Handler 1, Xcellence of Whitefield (E Hunter); 2, Jinty of Prosen (FF Lawson); 3, Trowan Cultoon Moss (A Scott). In hand – The Yeld Mare Trophy Heatherbelle of Turin Hill. The Gelding Trophy Macallum of Millfield. Bothkenner Cup (best filly in Show) Ribhinn of Kirkcarrion. Strathesk Trophy (best brood mare with foal at foot) West Lodge Annie. Archie of Litigan Memorial Trophy (best stallion) Concorde of Whitefield. Gargunnock Trophy (junior in-hand) Xcellence of Whitefield. Tack and Turnout 1, Drambuie of Glenmarkie (S Ruxton); 2, Trowan Cultoon Moss (A Scott); 3, Aigas of Litigan (C Valentine). Ridden Partbred 1, Enough Said (M Pratt); 2, Night Rocket (M Grant); 3, Highland Midge (A Roberts). Novice Ridden Champion Heatherbelle of Turin Hill. Reserve Trevor of Caenlochan. Ridden Nursery Novice 1, Fric Collin Von Shonberg (C MacPherson). Ridden Novice 1, Heatherbelle of Turin Hill (Mrs Compton); 2, Trevor of Caenlochan (J Sledmore); 3, Thorn Xsara (C Valentine). Ridden Champion Aigas of Litigan. Reserve Trowan Cultoon Moss. Open Ridden Under 14hh 1, Aigas of Litigan (C Valentine); 2, Trowan Cultoon Moss (A Scott); 3, Trossachs Hiker (S Fox). Open Ridden over 14nn 1, West Lodge Amy (K & R Stewart); 2, Commander of Sunnyneuk (G Docherty); 3, Prince of Woodside (M Campbell). Junior Ridden Champion Trowan Cultoon Moss. Reserve Rhuaridhmor of Dalbrack. Junior Ridden (13-16yrs) 1, Trowan Cultoon Moss (A Scott); 2, Rhuaridhmor of Dalbrack (J Page); 3, Corrie of Glendoll (J Page). Junior Ridden (12yrs & under) 1, Tiree Peppercorn (H Brown); 2, Xcellence of Whitefield (D Estate). Dressage 1, Morven of Turin Hill (M Grant); 2, Trossachs Hiker (S Fox); 3, Rhuaridhmor of Dalbrack (J Page). Partbred dressage 1, Night Rocket (M Grant); 2, Gissings Gordon (J Page); 3, Enough Said (M Pratt). Partbred working hunter 1, Gissings Gordon (J Page); 2, Night Rocket (M Grant). Working hunter Champion Aigas of Litigan. Reserve Corrie of Glendoll. Open Working hunter 1, Aigas of Litigan (C Valentine); 2, Carol of Gargunnock (W Scott); 3, Morven of Turin Hill (M Grant). Novice working hunter 1, Corrie of Glendoll (J Page); 2, Dunedin Victor (A Nisbet); 3, Drambuie of Glenmarkie (S Ruxton). Combined training 1, Rhuaridhmor of Dalbrack (J Page); 2, Trossachs Hiker (S Fox); 3, Dunedin Victor (A Nisbet). Partbred Combined training 1, Gissings Gordon (H Page); 2, Night Rocket (M Grant). In hand Handy Pony 1, Stuartdene (K McKay); 2, Ribhinn of Kirkcarrion (E Douglas); 3, Trowan Cultoon Moss (A Scott). Ridden Handy Pony 1, Rosan of Shielhill (B Maddox); 2, Morven of Turin Hill (M Grant); 3, Trowan Cultoon Moss (A Scott). Ridden Trophies-Trowan Heather Lass Shield (best performance pony) Trowan Cultoon Moss. Tavay Mor Quaich (ridden under 14hh) Aigas of Litigan. CSHPC Trophy (dressage) Morven of Turin Hill.

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