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  • SOUTH OF ENGLAND SPRING SHOW Ardingly, 7-11 April

    hack breeding (Mrs R G De Quincey), y’ling over 148cm 1 & res, Mrs W Llyodd’s Marshbrook Spring Encounter; 2, Mrs M Turner’s Copperfield Spring Spirit; 3, Z Fillery’s Wave Song Magic Merlin. 2/3-y-o over 148cm 1, M & J Associates’ Coppelia; 2, Mrs L D Alexandroff’s Regardez Moi; 3, Miss J Downs’s Mariday. do over 154cm 1 & ch, Mrs A Loriston-Clarke’s Catherston Gold Sword; 2, N Hutton-MacKenzie’s Mettlewood Francescas Gem; 3, J Downs’s Renkum Acrobat. RH breeding y’ling 1, Mrs A Fisher’s Dominik. 2/3-y-o do 1 & ch, J Downs’s Renkum Acrobat; 2 & res, Hon FB Guinness’s Dandelion; 3, Miss V Russell-Wood’s Centre Stage. stallion 1, Mrs A GLoriston-Clarke’s Delta Dancer. NPS/HP breeding in-hand (Mrs M Appell) y’ling 1 & res, Mrs M Turner’s Copperfield Spring Spirit. do 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, Mrs G Dury’s Rhoden Master Fredrick; 2, Mrs B Budge’s Pickmere Galactica; 3, Mrs B Henderson’s Havenhurst Song Of The Blues. NPS Elite pony breeding (Mrs V De Quincey) RP, y’ling 1, Mrs J Godden’s Rhos Exclusive. 2/3-y-o filly/gelding 1, T & A Salter’s Chiddock Pillow Talk; 2, Mrs J Godden’s Rhos Exquisite; 3, Mrs B Henderson’s Havenhurst Song Of The Blues. stallion/y’stk (Mrs M Appell) 1-3-y-o 128cm 1, Mrs J Godden’s Rhos Exquisite; 2, Lady Gilby’s Culross Smart Alec; 3, Mrs J Godden’s Rhos Exclusive. stallion 1, Mrs J Godden’s Rhos Exquisite; 2, Lady Gilby’s Culross Smart Alec. 1-3-y-o 138cm 1 & ch, T & A Salter’s Chiddock Pillow Talk. y’ling/2/3-y-o colt/filly/gelding 1, Mrs G Dury’s Chiddock New Limits. ridden stallions M&M 1 & ch, J Hawkins’s Govenor Of Whitefield; 2, Mrs D Barr’s Waithwith West Wind. Pure, Anglo, part-bred Arabs & TB 1 & res, J Powell’s Moashiro; 2, Mrs A Loriston-Clarke’s Delta Dancer; 3, P & S Hilary’s Mujiz. M&M in-hand (Mrs A Berryman-Horne), Welsh sec A, y’ling 1, Mrs P Blake’s Lippens Benita; 2, Farchynys Stud’s Tanglewood Morgan; 3, Miss A Fisher’s Mynyddgraig Golden Flute. 2/3-y-o 1, Mrs P Blake’s Lippens Honeypot; 2, Mrs S Page’s Floreat CrŠme Brulee; 3, M & L Deacon’s Churchwood Destiny’s Child. stallion/mare over 4-y-o 1 & ch, Mr T Armstrong’s Friars Supreme; 2, Mrs J Hayden’s Sprinbourne Harmoneer; 3, Mrs S Ash’s Corningwould Witchcraft. Welsh sec B, y’ling 1 & res, Mrs E Hooley’s Barkway Pendragon; 2, Mrs P Cole’s Pennway Jubilee; 3, Mrs R Thacker’s Llangeitho Lisa. 2/3-y-o 1, Mrs P Cole’s Pennway Colmbus; 2, Mrs SP & Mr C Butler’s Gigman Sapphire; 3, Mrs P Reynolds’ Priestwood Dixie Chick. stallion/mare over 4-y-o 1 & ch, Mrs R Thacker’s Farchynys Penri; 2, Mrs C Bowyer’s Symondsbury Emperor; 3, Mrs A Coulburn’s Rotherwood Penny-Farthing. Welsh sec C (Mr P Hussey), 2/3-y-o 1, Mr G Payne’s Donys Principal; 2, F Johnson’s Twyford Elite. stallion/mare 1, Ms McCardle’s Parc Carlo. M&M in-hand (Mrs K James), sml breeds 2/3y-o 1, S Rand’s Cosley Domino; 2, Mrs E Dean’s Lloegar Sweet Pea; 3, Mrs B Henderson’s Covdale Gigi. lge breeds stallions/geldings 1 & ch, Mrs A Reeves’s Lowhouses Jason; 2, J Hawkins’s Govenor Of Whitefield; 3, Mrs N McCardle’s Kippure Cathal. Mixed M&M sml breeds stallions/geldings 1, Mrs L Buchanan-Jackson’s Dryknowl Ennar; 2, Mrs A Page’s Dewland Star; 3, Hart & Whitmee’s Cranford Hector. lge breeds mares 1, Miss K Hill’s Hillmead Caprice;2, J & G Russell’s Islay Of Strathmore. do sml 1, Mrs C Ross-Thomson’s Dunkery Fieldfare; 2, Mrs R Bedford & Mrs M Wright’s Shelcroft Magnolia; 3, Mrs T Johnson’s Rushetts Wistful. sport horse y’stk (Mr R Ramsey), foaled 2002 1, Mrs A Fisher’s Dominik; 2, Z Fillery’s Wave Song Magic Merlin. do foaled 2001 1 & res, Mr & Mrs R Hill’s Belmont; 2, A Bateman’s Hum In The Park; 3, M Philpott & N Sibley’s Ottoman Empire. do foaled 2000 1 & ch, Mrs A Loriston-Clarke’s Catherston Gold Sword; 2, M Philpott & N Sibley’s Varston Buoy Ahoy; 3, Mrs L Taylor’s Dougal. Anglo & part-bred Arabs (Mrs J Bridges), y’ling 1, Mrs W Llyodd’s Marshbrook Spring Encounter; 2, Z Fillery’s Wave Song Magic Merlin; 3, J Powell’s Oriole. 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, Mrs L Alexandroff’s Regardez Moi; 2 & res, Hon F Guinness’s Dandelion; 3, N Hutton-MacKenzie’s Mettlewood Liberty. stallion/mare over 4-y-o 1, M Bradshaw’s Moonraker. ridden pure-bred Arabs (Mr R Ramsey), mares/geldings 1 & res, Dr J Bishop’s Muzahla; 2, Mr & Mrs Linington’s Insh’Allah Ibn Damas; 3, Mrs C Cooper’s Sahir Crusader. stallion 1 & ch, Miss L Hodgett’s Paneer; 2, P & S Hilary’s Mujiz. Welsh sec D (Mr P Hussey), y’ling 1 & res, Mr R Gregory’s Bookham Lodge Joseph; 2, Mr S Watts’s Trixes How’d You Like It; 3, F Johnson’s Brysmith Moses Spirit. 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, J Smith’s Trevallion Clara; 2, E Keat’s Avendell Tommy. in-hand pure-bred Arabs (Mrs J Bridges), y’ling 1 & ch, Miss C Glover’s Av Kublai-Khan. 2/3-y-o 1, M Burr’s Galeema; 2, C Reeves & R Coles’s Om El Bellisena; 3, L McCrudden’s Jar Jar Binks. stallion/mare over 4-y-o 1 & res, Miss C Glover’s Ffemme Ffatall; 2, Dr J Bishop’s Muzahla; 3, P Morris’s Silverhighway Man. hacks (Mrs L Russell): nov 1, Mrs C Welby & the Gilbert Scotts’ Highmead Interest Free; 2, K Whiting’s Seamist; 3, J Green’s Easter Mistral. sml 1 & ch, Mrs J Reed’s Kingsford Silver Spray; 2, Miss Allpress’s Wolvers Heritage; 3, Highmead Interest Free. do lge 1 & res, Mr & Mrs Underwood’s Ballykissangel; 2, Mrs G Hughes’s Saint’s Heart’s Desire; 3, Mrs C Welby & the Gilbert Scotts’ Aston Double Classic Of Bennochy. Cobs (D Ringer): nov mare/gelding 1 & ch, M Hennessy & Mr R Creber’s Beaverbrook; 2, Miss S Rowley’s Copyright; 3, C Bardo’s Sholto. l’wt 1, C Bardo’s Carlingford; 2, Mr F Keeling’s Kelston Madam Butterfly; 3, A Bartolomy’s Rose Of Tralee. h’wt 1 & res,Osborne Refrigerators’ Lexington; 2, K Walsh’s Buzz Lightyear II; 3, J Tanner’s Tuppence. hunters (Mrs L Russell): sml 1, Mr & Mrs Underwood’s After All; 2, Mr M Beamish & Mrs M Parrish’s Lord Oliver; 3, Osborne Refrigerators’ Comberton Carlos. RH (Mrs F White): nov 1, Mrs A Loriston-Clarke’s Catherston Gold Eagle; 2, Mesdames Lucas & Willett’s Aquila; 3, Mr & Mrs Underwood’s Noble Harbour Lights. sml 148cm 1 & ch, H Gredley’s Silver Sands; 2, Mr & Mrs Heseltine’s Little Gem II; 3, Dell Park Stud’s Crofts Helios. lge 158cm 1 & res, Osborne Refrigerators’ Jack Frost; 2, Miss V Scoulter’s Greenhorn; 3, Noble Harbour Lights. BSPS intermediate SRT(Mr D Machin), 146cm 1, C Willett’s Mosstock Sarrison Lad; 2, Mr & Mrs R Miller’s Regal Dancer; 3, G Richards’s Washbrook Regal Charm. 153cm 1 & ch, A Winbourne’s Opium De Limoges; 2 & res, Miss S Pickup’s Hamptonne Prince Of Tides; 3, Ballykissangel. ridden Arabs (Mr N Fuller), Anglo/part-bred, under 153cm 1, CT Willett’s Mosstock Sarrison Lad; 2, Mrs A Fry’s Yealand Othello; 3, Miss J Ellis’s Ponsbourne Deception. do over 153cm 1, Mrs P Russell Wood’s Whitehouse Chorister; 2, Mrs H Whiteley-John’s Midday Phlight; 3, Z Little’s Maimorne Party Time. P(UK) Kempley ridden cob, open 1, D Morse’s Tina Heeley; 2, Cluttons’ Macauley II; 3, V Humber’s Highly Tasty. P(UK) RH (Mr N Fuller) 1, Miss V Scoulter’s Greenhorn; 2, Miss R Chadwick’s Way Out Yonder; 3, Miss K Hennessy’s Seabourne Dizzy Heights. hunters (Miss B Millington), amateurs 1, Mr T Trembath’s Guardsman; 2, Miss L Miller’s Monet IV; 3, Miss S Prior’s Murphy’s Law VI. SHP (Mr D Machin), 143cm 1 & ch, Mr T Allison’s Cherrington Spot Light; 2, Miss V Lacy’s Splash Of Colour; 3, S Wraight’s Shoreham Silver Cloud. 133cm 1, Mrs J Sturgis’s Rosedale Diplomat; 2, Mrs M Kingston’s Fair Dominic; 3, P Ryder & J Phillips’s Moon Coin. exc 122cm 1 & res, Mrs A Love’s Radway Midnight Magic; 2, Mrs T Bailey’s Red Jed; 3, C Digby’s Oakley Spring’s Fun’s Delight. not exc 122cm 1, J Edwards’s Millay Margarita; 2, Mrs J Knight’s Bradmore Possum; 3, Mrs J Moyers’s Morwyn Bronze Heir. intermediate SHT, exc 148cm 1, Mr &Mrs Underwood’s Guy Fawkes; 2, Mr A Andrews’ Overdrive; 3, K Ledger’s Raunds Woodstock. BSPS Pretty Polly family produced MH SHP exc 122cm 1, Rosedale Diplomat; 2, Mrs S Kivlochan’s Nuthurst Snowbird; 3, Mrs T Bailey’s Red Jed. LR (Mrs DMachin), not exc 122cm 1 & ch, Mrs E Stanleick’s Trevaylor Tiger Lily; 2, K Brar’s Linksbury Silver Princess; 3, Mrs H Curtis & Ms J Farrell’s Daisy Dream Along. FR not exc 122cm 1 & res, C Willett’s Woodend Bambi; 2, Mrs V Wiggs’s Firle Squirrel Nutkin; 3, T & A Salter’s Lowland Bronwin Cariad. M&M ridden (Mr A Robertson), NPS/Micor Demolition LR, not exc 122cm 1, M Burchell-Small & J Filmer’s Springwater Felicia; 2, Mrs D Barr’s Lacy Targed; 3, unlister. FR not exc 128cm 1 & ch, Mrs J Minns’s Glenwood Caradog; 2 & res, K Brar’s Ekens Fifer. open ridden ponies (Mrs D Machin), best pony, exc 143cm 1, Miss C Bond’s Holltess Littlesweet Melody; 2, Team Jago’s Rotherwood Flight Of Fancy; 3, J Budge’s Bourningwood Classic Scholar. exc 133cm 1 & ch, Mrs A Love’s Sheraton Georgette; 2 & res, Mrs T Wallace’s Ninfield Lady Mink; 3, Mrs J Bourne’s Lord Oaksey. Not exc 128cm 1, Mrs C Jenkinson’s Temmas Little Lancer; 2, Mrs S Kivlochhan’s Rollswood Phantom; 3, L Channell’s Lysands Valentino. Pretty Polly family produced MH SP 1, Mrs M Davey’s Ninfield Pips Pride; 2, Mrs C Jenkinson’s Temmas Little Lancer; 3, Mrs K Stone’s Sandlings Make Believe. CHAPS (UK) coloured non native horse exc 153cm 1, R Osborne’s Lostock Ladiesman; 2, Miss C Herman’s Blues Missile; 3, K Atkinson’s Worth The Wait. 153cm and under 1, Splash Of Colour; 2, Mrs S Gaunt’s Pebbly Pepperpot; 3, Mrs D Maitland’s Tatanka. coloured native traditional cob/show cob type pony 148cm 1, Mrs L Buchanan-Jackson’s Ulverscroft Capacino; 2, Mrs L Buchanan-Jackson’s Ish-Koo-Dah; 3, J Smith’s Patch Adams. exc 148cm 1, K Leger’s Triangulum; 2, A Eldridge’s Greenhills Folly; 3, P Towler’s Dudley Bay. PUK Commanchee in-hand coloured (Mrs S Russell), exc 148cm 1, Greenhills Folly; 2, Splash Of Colour; 3, Mr & Mrs D Duckworth’s Meg. not exc 148cm 1, M Cutler’s Tommy The Tank; 2, Ish Koo Dah; 3, unlister. BSPA (Mrs S Russell), RIHS skewbald/piebald ridden, not exc 153cm 1, C Willett’s Mosstock Sarrison Lad; 2, P Towler’s Dudley Bay; 3, Ulverscroft Capacino. exc 153cm 1, Triangulum; 2, Miss S Toms’s Florida; 3, P Griffiths’ Merryfield. NPS Picton M&M nov ridden (Mr A Robertson), sec A 1, L Shoults’s Temple Druid Blizzard; 2, Mrs L Buchanan-Jackson’s Lady Eleanor; 3, Sonnar Murray-Brown’s Friars Welsh Soldier. Sec B/C 1, Mrs J Wyatt’s Drogeda Pearly King; 2, Mrs Swanston-Murphy’s Meadowlands Winter Jasmin; 3, Mrs K Harris’s Fourwinds Karim. New Forest/Connemara 1 & ch, K Harris’s Fossway Finders Keepers; 2, M Igoe & N McCardle’s Kippur Cathal; 3, Miss F Goodsir’s Falfield Silver Slipper. Fell/Highlands/Dales/sec D 1 & res, N Snelling’s Tamarvale Barnabus; 2, Mr L Rayfield’s Blaengwfn Sion Aled; 3, Mrs R Weller’s Stoatley Two Lady Jane. NPS M&M open ridden (Miss E Briant), Dartmoor/Exmoor/Shetland/sec A/sec B 1, Mrs Darlington’s Fishleigh Saracen; 2, J Thomas’s Rhoson Sam Tan; 3, M Burchell-Small’s Priestwood Monet. Dales/Fells/Highland/New Forest/Connemara/sec C&D 1, J Cooper’s Waxwing Keepsake; 2, Miss E Kelly’s Walstead Hunny Bear; 3, Miss N Caddy’s Hayselden Xenia. M&M open LR (Miss E Briant) 1 & ch, Mr K Roberts’s Colne Tantivy; 2, Heniarth Stud’s Sunwillow Georgina; 3, Team Hollings’ Dykes Rosie Mead. M&M open FR 1 & res, Mrs Glenwood Caradog; 2, Mrs V Jenkins’s Tirfelin Hector; 3, J Edwards’s Doyland Silver Buttons. BSPS 122cm SHP (Mrs J Elston) 1, J Edwards’s Millay Margarita; 2, Mrs T Strapp’s Twyford Janelle; 3, Mrs S McCann’s Juliette IV. Intermediate SHT 1, Mrs G Holder’s Hammonds Next Time; 2, Mrs S Bradford’s Blue Heaven II. nov RP (Mrs S Osborne), not exc 128cm 1 & res, Team Jago’s Bradmore Faberge; 2, Mrs T Salter’s Sandlines Dream On; 3, Mrs C Starr’s Rendene Georgette. exc 128cm 1, D Wethered’s Rhoden Zukino. exc 138cm 1 & ch, C Willett’s Blaircourt Moon Lark; 2, J Thomas’s Rosedale Glamour Puss; 3, Family Team Thomas’s Jackets Touch Of Class. nov pony of SHT (Mrs S Osborne), exc 143cm 1, Mrs C Jackman’s Challaborough Tiger Moth; 2, Mrs B Small & Miss K Small’s Lenmar Shades Of Mink; 3, S Wraight’s Shoreham Silver Cloud. exc 133cm 1, Mrs C Bowyer’s Symondsbury Innocent. exc 122cm 1, Mrs C Starr & Mrs A Allison’s Yealand Angelina; 2, M Burchell-Small’s Erimus Sorcerer; 3, T & A Salter’s Caleyhall Exclaimation. Lobster Pot M&M Lead Rein (Mrs A Overton-Ablitt) 1 & ch, Heniarth Stud’s Sunwillow Georgina; 2, Mrs Short’s Dryfe Sheer Elegance; 3, Mr J Harvey’s Ronswood Generous. Brineton M&M FR 1 & res, Mrs J Bloor’s Atherstone Bonzobie; 2, Glenwood Caradog; 3, Mrs SGee’s Maestir Mood Indigo. SHP(Mrs A Overton-Ablitt), LR 1 & ch, Mrs C Carver’s Waxwing Magnum; 2, Mrs A Martin’s Barkway Polly Poppet; 3, F Mitchell’s Linksbury Sovereign. first pony 1 & res, J Edwards’s Millay Margarita; 2, Morwyn Bronze Heir; 3, Mrs S Gaunt’s Pebbly Pepperpot. WHP (Mrs J Allan), nov not exc 133cm 1 & res, Mrs K Meekins’s Gwynsle Masterpiece; 2, Mrs T Strapp’s Buckland Breeze; 3, Mrs T Bailey’s Red Jed. exc 133cm 1, Mrs S Frisk’s Horsted Chocolate Button; 2, Mrs S Gee’s Woody Road; 3, Mrs C Faulkner’s Prince Hind Leap. exc 143cm 1 & ch, Mrs J Ansell’s Borderline Harvey; 2, Lady Dashwood’s Bryndale Debutante; 3, Mrs J Hawkins’s Silver Whisper. Intermediate WH mare 1, Mrs C de Freitas’s Pistols At Dawn; 2, Miss S Gardner’s Elmdale Extrovert. WH national hunter supreme 1, Elmdale Extrovert; 2, Mrs S Iliffe’s Nutwood Bestseller. WHP (Mr A Robertson), LR WHP 1, S Andrews’s Scrafton Martha; 2, Mrs S McBain’s Waitwith Gold Rush; 3, Mrs S Rampling’s Follywood Fantasy. CS 1 & res, Mrs A Prebensen’s Millay Sovereigns Pride; 2, Mrs S Gee’s Maestir Mood Indigo; 3, Ms K Smith’s San Viceroy. NS 1, Mrs S Bucknell’s Roodelbats Robert; 2 & ch, Mrs Sturgis’s Treowen Foxglove; 3, L Redman’s Moonwalk. WHP, 133cm 1 & ch, Mrs S Bucknell’s Roodelbats Robert; 2, Mrs Sturgis’s Treowen Foxglove; 3, L Redman’s Moonwalk. 133cm 1, S Andrew’s McCoist Cowboy; 2, Mrs S Gee’s Woody Road; 3, Mrs J Hendriksen’s Barnaby Bay. 143cm 1 & res, Mrs A Loes’s Dewi II; 2, Mrs P Russell Wood’s Jumbo Junior; 3, Splash Of Colour. P(UK) confined nov M&M WHP (Mrs A Overton-Ablitt) 1, Mastermind Indigo; 2, Mrs T Strapp’s Waitwith Ruby; 3, S Lewis’s Mount Temple Silver. M&M WH of the year, 122cm 1 & ch, Mrs K Smith’s San Viceroy; 2 & res, Mrs M Burchell-Small’s Rowfantina Heaven Scent. 122cm 1, Miss R Terry’s Thameside Buster; 2, S Andrews’s Coldsprings Serenade; 3, Miss F Goodsir’s Falfield Silver Slipper. 138cm 1, Miss F Goodsir’s The Quiet Man; 2, Mrs J Jenden’s Bracken; 3, Mrs B & Misses Z & M Evans’s Hayselden Phoebe. P(UK) style & performance (Mrs A Overton-Ablitt & Mrs S Phelan), WHP 1, Horsted Chocolate Button; 2, Elmdale Extrovert; 3, P Ryder, J Phillips & L Burton’s Harwel Wizard. M&M WHP 1, A Page’s Bonny Lass; 2, S Lewis’s Mount Temple Silver; 3, S Lewis’s Midsummer Moonshine. Dalkeith junior M&M ridden (Miss S Curtis), sml breeds 1, D O’Neill’s Thistledown Beekeeper. lge 1, Mrs S Roberts’s Telynau Congressman; 2, B Shelling’s Broadreed Megane; 3, S Lewis’s Midsummer Moonshire.

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