Showing results 21-22 June ’03


ridden:n/e 138cm 1, R Johnson’s Gilboa Rhys; 2, J Hoooper’s Gryngalt Perseus; 3, R Harraway’s Babyface. n/e 148cm 1, A James & L Davies’s Paint The Wind; 2, Mr Hassall’s Asil’s Fascination; 3, A Lowth’s Pippins Golden Isabella. exc 148m:male 1, O Mason’s Chaldensford Candy’s Golden Legacy; 2 & res, M Edwards’s Shulay Silver N Gold; 3, C Martin’s Mountedgumbe Icon. do mare 1, C Guise’s Sandhills Amber Moon; ,2 S Blin’s Kennox Sunina; 3, Mrs Snelson’s Chloegold. LR 1, A Eagleston’e Windwillow Busy Bee; 3, H Spencer’s Penwisg Solo; 3, J Browne’s Eyarth Cadfael. western 1, Eyarth Cadfael; 2, A Blackaby’s Appledore Radiant Harvest. M&M 1, Gilboa Rhys; 2, Pentyrch Nootawasaga; 3, Eyarth Cadfael. saddlebreds 1, Appledore Radiant Harvest. novice 1, Shulay Silver N Gold; 3, Chloegold.; 3, Babyface. sport horse 1 & ch, S Blin’s Kennox Zalzun; 2, Shulay Silver N Gold; 3, Mountedgumbe Icon.. pair 1, Eyarth Cadfael & Pentyrch Nottawasaga; 2, Boby Daz & Let’s Get Poppin. prelim 10 1, Sandhills Amber Moon; 2, Kennox Sunina; 3, Mountedgumbe Icon. in-hand:part bred Arab male 1, Mr & Mrs P Gribben’s Shulay Gold Fever; 2, C Robin’s Sundancer’s Legacy Of Asil; 3, Shulay Silver N Gold. do filly 1, D Hobbs’ Winzer Destiny’s Child; 3, P Howell’s Kingsettle Thrysma; 3, J Duke’s Meillion Golden Mist. dp 4-y-o & over 1, D Webb’s Colebridge Miracle Gold; 3, D Watkins & Mrs Bowman’s Atkinska Showgirl; 3, J Browne’s Sameon Golden Cashmere. geldings y’stock 1, C Hassall’s Pewit Dancing Master; 2, T Robert’s Legend Moon Eagle; 3, Mr & Mrs Lowth’s Pippins Golden Price. do 4-y-o & over 1, M Edwards’s Roundhills Dazzling Gold; 2, Shulay Silver N Gold; 3, Roundhills San Diago. owner bred 1/2-y-o 1, MR & Mrs Gibben’s Shulay Gold Fever; 2, D Stokes’s Blaencanaid Indiana; 3, Pippins Golden Pride. do 3-y-o & over 1, Mr Watkins & Mrs Bowman’s Atinska Showgirl; 2, D Jones’ Fairywood Flash Dance; 3, D Webb’s Midoak Millenium Gold. n/e 128cm 1, V Jones’ Taffman Tiny Tittlemouse; 2, Fairywood Flash Dance; 3, A Nash’s Shandiss Sultan. n/e 148cm 1, Sundancer’s Legacy Of Asil; 2, Sameon Golden Cashmere; 3, Meillion Golden Mist. exc 148cms 1, D May’s Anyzka Kinskal; 2, Pewitt Dancing Master; 3, R Jones’s Louraise Shanine. M&M 1, Taffman Tiny Tittlemouse; 2, A Nash’s Saxon Savory; 3, A Blackaby Craigdorae Savanna. part bred M&M 1, Mr & Mrs Dakin’s Coed Derw Sunshine; 2, Pippins Golden Pride; 3, Blaencanaid Indiana. stallion n/e 148cm 1, Sundancer’s Legacy Of Asil; 2, Taffman Tiny Tittlemouse; 3, Coed Derw Sunshine. do exc 148cm 1, M Smith’s Meiriogen Bannerman; 2, C Hassall’s Fayrelands Dancing Magic; 3, Mr & Mres Rees’ Jacala Morning Gold. mare n/e 148cm 1, Sameon Golden Cashmere; 2, K Pritchard’s Solitaria; 3, A Lowth’s Pippins Golden Isabella. do exc 148cm 1, D Webb’s Colebridge Miracle Gold; 2, Atinska Showgirl; 3, J Browen’s Shepley White Jasmine. broodmare exc 148cm 1, J Browen’s Legend Moon Goddess. veteran 1, Fayrelands Dancing Magic; 2, O Mason’s Chaldensford Candy’s Golden Legacy; 3, Saxon Savory. saddlebreds 1, A Blackaby’s Appledore Miss Candida. first time exhibitors 1, L Pearce’s Tylands Summertime; 2, F Davies’s Millspring Zada; 3, G Yates’s Sameon Sirroco. y’ling n/e 148cm 1, S Rudling’s Suling Seville; 2, S Norris’s Bordesley Golden Sparkle; 3, K Rees’s Jacala Golden Aura. exc 148cm 1, Shulay Gold Rush; 2, J McGill’s Legend Russian Gold; 3, D Webb’s Midoak Manhatten Skyling. 2/3-y-o not n/e 148cm 1, Legend Moon Eagle; 2, Jacala Millenium Gold; 3, A Cousin’s Meiriogen Pwtan. 2-y-o exc 148cm 1, Shulay Gold Fever; 2, Pewitt Dancing Master; 3, Kingsettle Thrysma. 3-y-o exc 148cm 1, Louraise Shanine; 2, Midoak Millenium Gold; 3, D May’s Anyka Kinska. Nat Futurity Females 1, Louraise Shanine; 2, J Duke’s Tylands Crimson Pearl; 3, L Pearce’s Tylands Summertime. Nat Futurity males 1, Jacala Millenium Gold; 2, A Nash’s Shandiss Sultan. young handers 1, Eyarth Cadfael; 2, C Hassall’s Asil’s Fascinationl; 3, K Rees’s Whieldon Phoebe. BTO 1, Shulay Silver N Gold. Colebridge Points Cup ch, Eyarth Cadfael; res, Shulay Silver N Gold. best youngstock ch, Shulay Gold Fever; res, Legend Moon Eagle. best female ch, Kingsettle Thyrsma; res, Colebridge Miracle Gold. best male cj, Shulay Gold Fever; res, Sundancer’s Legacy Of Asil. Beaumont Cup ch, Tittemouse. Ch exc 148cm 1, Shulay Gold Fever; res, Colebridge Miracle Gold. supreme ch, Shulay Gold Fever; res, Sundancer’s Legacy Of Asil. palomino of the year 2002/3 ch, Shulay Gold Fever; 2, Jacala Morning Gold.

SERAHS Summer Show, Ardingly 21-22 June

Pure Bred Yearling Fillies 1&Ch ,D W Smith’s T S HALINAAH; 2, L Free’s DF PRIMA BALLERINA; 3, J Hazeltine’s JA ALLIYAH. Pure Bred Yearling Colts 1, Omar Al Shaye’s BALMARAN; 2, A Hawke’s MAARHABI; 3, B Bermingham’s LYMERIK. Pure Bred Fillies 2 yrs 1 & Res Ch T O Aggad’s MARANI; 2, J & D Woodward & Ash’s JALISCA; 3, A Rodgers’s ARTIZANA PRADA. Pure Bred Colts 2 yrs 1, A Bratby’s AZEER SADEEQ; 2, S Jones’s FH IBN DAGEEGAH; 3, S Clyma’s GLADIATTOR. Pure Bred Fillies 3 yrs 1, J Johansson-Massey’s SELICA; 2, D & L.Bryce’s SHAHNA; 3, A Cunningham’s RAS ALIAH BEY. Pure Bred Colts 3 yrs 1&Ch, T Austin’s SSINSATION; 2 Res Ch, P.Butt’s EDDASHAAN. Pure Bred Junior Barren Mares 1 & Res Ch, C Glover’s FEMME FATAL; 2, K Sargent’s MORASHAA; 3, C Reeves’s METELICA. Pure Bred Senior Barren Mares 1 & Sup Ch, Silverdale Training Centre’s EWOLUTA ; 2, J Smith’s KESTRELITA; 3, Silverdale Training Centre’s AMIRA AL NOOR. Pure Bred Brood Mares 1, D Harvey’s BECONASE FINAL COUNTDOWN; 2, Silverdale Training Centre’s GARMON. Pure Bred Foals 1, Silverdale Training Centre’s UNNAMED; 2, D Harvey’s UNNAMED. Pure Bred Jnr Stallions 1, S George’s AH KUDA; 2, T Austin’s VIZAHJ; 3, L Maryon’s HEIAZ. Pure Bred Snr Stallions 1 Res Sup Ch, A J Morris’s EURYK; 2, K Sargent’s PENDANT; 3, P Hillary’s MUJIZ. Pure Bred Geldings 1-3 yrs 1, P Biles’s BAAKAR; 2, H Hill’s KAZIR; 3, V Huddleston’s ECUADOR. Pure Bred Geldings 4 yrs & Over 1 & Ch, A Lucas’s GRENADE; 2 & Res Ch, L Biles’s FFERZAN. 3, S Hancock’s TAWOOS. Young Handlers 1, S Ryan’s KALIBAR; 2, L McCarthy’s INSABAYAH; 3, G Edwards’s SILVER SPRING. Veterans In Hand 1, R Dingwall’s PHYLANBRI MANDINGKO WARRIOR; 2, A Boulton’s AL JABAL; 3, R Gudge’s LARKSWOOD MAGICAL RHAPSODY. Family Pairs 1, S Clyma’s GLADIATOR & S Jones’s FH IBN DAGEEGAH; 2, M Burr’s HASLEEM & M Burr’s GALEEMA; 3, K Carr’s RUSILA & K Carr’s SHAREEM.Amateur Owner Handler 1, T McCarthy’s PHA SILVERN RISALM; 2, H Wykes’s SHANIA; 3, L Piper’s FARRIMA. Show/Riding Pony Youngstock 1, R Dear’s NINFIELD UNIQUE; 2, C L Hogan’s TILLEUL SAUCY SECRET; 3, G Edwards’s PRECIOUS AMBER. Light Horse Youngstock 1-3yrs 1 & Ch, P Allpress’s WOLVERS STORY TELLER; 2 & Res Ch, K Hillman’s KELMSTONE ROYAL OTTER; 3, J Nunn’s MARADAY TOP FLIGHT. Light Horse/Pony, 4 yrs & over 1, C Parncutt’s CHESAPEKE’S LOLITA; 2, J C Caton’s MAYWAY MELISSA. AA & PBA Yearlings 1, J Powell’s ORIOLE. AA & PBA 2 yrs old 1& Res Jnr Ch, L D Alexandroff’s REGARDEZ MOI; 2, P Taylor’s WHITE ASH BENTLEY; 3, R Dear’s NINFIELD UNIQUE. AA & PBA 3 yrs old 1& Jnr Ch, P Allpress’s WOLVERS STORY TELLER; 2, J Johansson-Massey’s MAYWAY MOMENTO; 3, K Hillman’s KELMSTONE ROYAL OTTER. AA & PBA Geldings 4 yrs & Over 1, M Burr’s TOY STORY; 2, R Gudge’s BLAIRCOURT CELTIC ROSE. AA & PBA Mares 4 yrs & Over 1& Ch, M Burr’s SPICE GIRL; 2, C Parncutt’s CHESAPEKE’S LOLITA. Anglo & Part Bred Stallions 1 & Res Ch, J Kotecha’s SARFRAZ. Pure Bred Intermediate Ridden 1, R Turner’s CISOWKA; 2, L Piper’s FARRIMA. Pure Bred Ridden Geldings 1, S Fleming’s RAAFIQ; 2, S George’s LUZHANAS STAR GAZER; 3, T Linington’s INSH’ALLAH IBN DAMAS. Pure Bred Ridden Mares 1, C Sussex’s SA’IRA; 2, L Coombs’s EASTWORTH AHMOSHINI; 3, King Family’s CRYSTAL SAHARA. Pure Bred Ridden Stallions 1& Sup Ch, T McCarthy’s PHA SILVERN RISALM; 2, B & H Budge’s IKONI; 3, V Mann Wernsten’s NOTORIUOSZ. Large Riding Horse 15hh & Over 1, R Dear’s OTTOMAN; 2, S Hancock’s TAWOOS. Small Riding Horse Under 15hh 1,King Family’s LYDDEN BEWITCHED; 2, F Chapman’s SHAH BLUE VISTA; 3, J M Bishop’s MUZAHLA. Anglo & Part Bred Ridden Ponies 1& Res Sup Ch, M Wallace’s NINFIELD LADY MINK; 2, B & H Budge’s BOURNINGWOOD CLASIC SCHOLAR; 3, O Whibley’s PLAYGIRL. Part Bred Ridden 14.2hh – 15.0hh 1& Res Ch, M Burr’s TOY STORY; 2, King Family’s LYDDEN BEWITCHED. 3, B Jackman’s CHALLABOROUGH TIGER MOTH. Part Bred Ridden Over 15.0hh 1, A Lucas’s LITTON MAGIC MISTRAL; 2, J M Brymer’s ASTRAL MAZURKA; 3, C & G Afonso’s AMAZON’S HEIRESS. Anglo Arab Ridden Over 14.2hh 1, R Dear’s OTTOMAN; 2, A J Miller’s ASHLINGS KRISTELA MAY; 3, S Golding’s LONE ARCTIC FLIGHT. Ridden Veterans 1, M Northfield’s WEIRTON ROYAL ASCENT. Young Riders 1, M.Wallace’s NINFIELD LADY MINK; 2, K Stone’s SANDLINGS MAKE BELIEVE; 3, B Jackman’s CHALLABOROUGH TIGER MOTH. Intermediate Young Riders 1 King Family’s CRYSTAL SAHARA ; 2, N Smith’s TAHER; 3, C & G Afonso’s AMAZON’S HEIRESS. Pure Bred Junior Novice Ridden 1& Ch, J M Bishop’s MEDEKAYA; 2, S Rose’s SHAYNA MAYDEL; 3, N Winkworth’s JOHARA KHAN. Pure Bred Intermediate Novice 1& Res Ch, D Rodgers’s ARTIZANA ANGEL GABRIEL; 2, CA Gregory’s CACHATURION; 3, N Perry’s SHAIKH AL DASHAH. Pure Bred Senior Novice Ridden 1 L Pilcher’s NAMARA; 2, L Watson’s FARHAN; 3, A J Bennett’s ANTZARIS. Anglo & Part Bred Novice Ridden 1, P Bowles’s CHANCTON TREBLE CHANCE; 2, King Family’s KELSBORROW CREDITOR; 3, L Hall’s HIGHSOCIETY. Equicross 1, J Marsh’s MAGIC HUSSAR; 2, M Burr’s FIDDAH NEJMET AARON; 3, H Wallace’s FARRAGO STORM.

BSPS AREA 13A Cornwall, 22 June

SP (L Partridge): LR1 & ch, C Wonnacott’s Stoak Feathers; 2 & res, N Budd’s Langwedh Sweet Dreams; 3, R Brown’s Toya Tortella. FR1, K Waters’ Queensmere Royal Touch; 2, Mr & Mrs Cosgrove’s Cosford Suzette; 3, S Rase’s Ockley Miss Tittlemouse. nov1, J Deadman’s Private Ryan II; 2, H Lake’s Erimus Morning Jewel; 3, L Barnes’ Nuthurst Artist. 128cm1, C Masters’ Bluegate Punchline; 2, A Hawken’s Abingdons Reagle Beagle; 3, J Deadman’s Private Ryan II. 138cm1 & ch, E Epsom & T Harvey’s Trydulais Miss Marple; 2, A Semmens’ Lowland Tradeprint; 3, J Stokes’ Overdale Vanity Fair. 148cm1 & res, S Golombeck’s Sweet Dreams III; 2, V Bowden’s Colbeach Sabre; 3, A Semmens’ Hope. SRT 153cm1 & ch, A Sanders’ Top of the Bill; 2, K Saggers’ Audene Blue Disciplin; 3, S Golombeck’s Sweet Dreams III. 158cm1, C Tett’s Suni Rainbows End; 2, C Fox’s Coswarth Native Prince. SHP (F Dymond): LR1 & ch, C Wonnacott’s Stoak Feathers; 2 & res, R Brown’s Loxwell Sonny Jim; 3, N Picknett’s Chetwynd Crackerjack. 122cm1, D Brown’s Bracon Moonflight; 2, Mr & Mrs Cosgrove’s Trewithian Twinkleberry; 3, A Hawken’s Chantilly Lace VII. SHT1 & res, H Laity’s Forrest Gump; 2, B Short’s Miss Jones IV; 3, S Jobson’s Celtic Warrior. nov1, A James’ Foxtrot Freddie; 2, A Frazier’s Lisdoo Boy; 3, M Schwarz’s Llansantffraed Coed Prince. 133cm1 & ch, M Barbery’s Newoak Celebration; 2, A Frazier’s Harry Potter V; 3, L Barnes’ Nuthurst Artist. 143cm1, P Martin’s Chinook Lord of the Dance; 2, Yealand Moonshadow. 153cm1, B Short’s Miss Jones VI; 2 & res, A Semmens’ Hope; 3, M Vanstone’s Kelly’s Blue Chip. M&M in-hand (S Linden): y’ling1, S Golombeck’s Gwellanmor Munchkin. 2/3-y-o1, R Jones’ Bureside Pepperpot; 2, S Potter & A Deakin’sWyedean Ballet. 4 & over1 & ch, R Brown’s Pantycoed Aladdin; 2, S Trevenna’s Colby Starlight; 3, S Potter & A Deakin’s Blackhill Bethan. b’mare1 & res, H Lake’s Pendock Proverb. foal1, H Lake’s Roseview Legend. M&M (S Linden): LR1 & ch, R Brown’s Pantycoed Aladdin; 2, N Budd’s Trevassic Dallas; 3, N Picknett’s Randam Telyn. FR1 & res, J Stokes’ Rhydspence Renown; 2, K Waters’ Bunbury Samuel; 3, A Frazier’s Shilstone Rocks Pinotage. sm’l1, S Goodmans’ Pasa-dena Morgan. sec B/C1 & ch, A Rickerby’s Lemonshill Peter Piper; 2 & res, J Stokes’ Rhydspence Renown; 3, N Tilsley’s Willoway Joleen. WHP (L Partridge): int1, C Tett’s Suni Rainbows End; 2, A James’ Waterford III. 133cm1, A Frazier’s Harry Potter V. 143cm1, C Wonnacott’s Gaelic Prince. 153cm1 & ch, A Frazier’s Lisdoo Boy; 2 & res, A James’ Foxtrot Freddie. nov1, C Wonnacott’s Sannan Valley Banner; 2, I Saunders’ Vickies Business; 3, A James’ Foxtrot Freddie. cradle1, J Richards’ Snoopy III; 2, A Fry’s Megan. nursery1 & ch, A Barnbrooks’ Pepsi; 2 & res, N Tilsley’s Willoway Joleen; 3, J Sherry’s Kynersley Purple Star. WH1, Shilstone Rocks Pinotage; 2, S Goodmans’ Pasa-Dena Morgan. RP in-hand (B Millington): 1-3-y-o1, K Andrews’ Rosedale Decision. 4 & over1 & ch, K Saggers’ Audene Blue Disciplin; 2, D Allsopp’s Seawinds Votecatcher. b’mare1 & res, H Lake’s Twylands Olivia. foal1, H Lake’s Roseview Exclusive. Arab (B Millington): 1-3-y-o1, Rosedale Decision. 4 & over1, K Andrew & J Nicholls’ Lucky Strike. ridden 148cm1 & res, V Bowden’s Colbeach Sabre; 2 & ch, S Golombeck’s Sweet Dreams II; 3, N Budd’s Greenacres Paprika. over 148cm1, A Sanders’ Top of the Bill; 2, Mrs Yeo’s Longclose Diorama; 3, M Vanstone’s Kelly’s Blue Chip. hunter (M Francis)1, M Schwarz’s Llansantfraed Coed Prince. sm’l1, A James’ Waterford III. hack1 & ch, K Saggers’ Audene Blue Disciplin; 2, Longclose Diorama. RH1 &res, Longclose Diorama.

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