Showing results 2 November ’03

  • BRITISH NATIONAL FOAL Solihull RC West Midlands, 2 November

    coloured/spotted (C Doyle) colt/gelding under 148cm 1 & res, K Wilson’s Heiland Malaki; 2, K Russell’s Arapaho Brave; 3, N Valentine’s Spotlights Bank Holiday. filly over 148cm 1, P Young’s Spook I Lhee; 2, R Davies’s Swift Foots Trick. do colt/gelding 1 & ch, Waller & Winfield’s JCs Aramoun; 2, J Sillitoe’s Capital Neil; 3, J Sillitoe’s Query. palomino (E Latchford) colt/gelding under 148cm 1 & res, C Hassall’s Pewit Dancing Movie Magic. do filly over 148cm 1 & ch, R Jones’s Louraise Golden Princess. do colt/gelding amateur home-produced (J Stuart) filly under 148cm 1 & res, D Morgan’s Lowland Tempting Touch; 2, D Jones’s Burfa Tiger Lily; 3, R Barton’s Broadway Betty Boop. do colt/geld 1 & ch, B Skeet’s Devon Entrepenur; 2, S Pears’s Kyneton Thistle; 3, J MacWhinnie’s Islyn Madras. do filly over 148cm 1, J Lishman’s Doebank Debonaire; 2, C Farley’s Royal Amourette; 3, T Blackham’s Foxbarn Composer. do colt/geld 1, N Bull’s Play The Piccolo; 2, N Gilbert’s Shajeel; 3, T Carswell’s Paddock Lightning. show riding horse (A Hawkins) filly over 148cm 1, C Farley’s Royal Amourette. do colt/geld 1 & res, Play The Piccolo; 2, Query; 3, R Askins’s Mr Nice Guy. do filly over 148cm 1 & light horse ch, T Blackham’s Foxbarn Composer; 2, Missing You. do colt/geld 1, P Towler’s Cinntaro; 2, A Little’s Shortwood Sadarahs Outlaw; 3, D Whittard’s Apache Sky. show hack (A Hooley) filly 148-154cm 1 & res light horse, H Hoy’s Universal First Love; 2, M Carr’s Dancing Gem; 3, T Carswell’s Paddock Divine. do colt/geld 1 & res, E Edgeworth’s Rosella Riogrande; 2, Kingvean Stud’s Kingvean Hawkwind; 3, J Askins’s Mr Nice Guy. do filly over 154-160cm 1, C Pizzala’s Miss Inquizative; 2, Maraday Stud’s Maraday May-Lily. do colt/geld 1, J Foster’s Aron Rasputin; 2, Shortwood Sadarahs Outlaw; 3, Capital Neil. Anglo/part-bred Arab (S Plant) filly under 153cm 1, Dancing Gem; 2, Doebank Debonair; 3, R MacKensie’s Cool In The Shade. do colt/geld 1 & res sup, Sandison & Eccles’s Bankswood Prince Of Rogues; 2, Paddock Lightning; 3, E Edgeworth’s Rosella Riogrande. do filly over 153cm 1, Maraday May-Lily. do colt/geld 1 & res, Aron Rasputin; 2, Maraday Stud’s Maraday Malachi; 3, JCs Aramoun. Arab (J Lowe) filly born before 1 April 1, N Gilbert’s Shajeel. do after 1 April 1 & ch, K Whittard’s Biba. colt/geld 1 & res, H Gough’s AA Ashraff. Welsh ( R Phillipson-Stow) sec D filly 1, S Wilby’s Kissemie Crystal. sec B filly 1, D James’s Kerandi Sundrop; 2, Horsequest UK’s Longbourne Luscious. do colt/geld 1, P Young’s Mathon Harrier; 2, D James’s Kerandi Just James; 3, S Pears’s Kyneton Thistle. sec A filly 1 & ch, E Waller’s Delami Arabella. do colt/geld 1, P Rushton’s Nantdywyll Triban; 2, S Keswani’s Amilas Chutney; 3, T Local’s Kimcote Charmer. M&M (B Wilson) Shetland 1, C Leake’s Staplow Tassel; 2, P Pearce’s Brinleyview Comanchee; 3, C Leake’s Staplow Tinkerbell. Dartmoor/Exmoor 1 & ch, Rochedo Beach Boy. Connemara/New Forest 1 & res, J Glass’s Shepperton Felicity. part-bred Welsh (E Mansfield) filly under 138cm 1 & sup, A Moyniham’s Thornsett Royal Romance; 2, D Jones’s Burfa Tiger Lily; 3, P Dunster’s Kittens Pollyanna. do colt/geld 1 & res, D Morgan’s Lowland Jet Stream. do colt/geld over 138cm 1, Royal Amourette. SHP (J Amsel) under 122cm 1, Kyneton Thistle; 2, J Hill’s Brynpark Apache. 133cm 1, K Russell’s Arapaho Brave. 153cm 1 & ch, Cool In The Shade; 2 & res, T Carswell’s Paddock Lightning. show ponies (J Careless) filly under 128cm 1, Burfa Tiger Lily. do colt/geld 1, Kyneton Thistle. 138cm filly 1 & ch, Thornsett Royal Romance; 2, Kittens Pollyanna; 3, L Wilson’s Harroway Pot Of Gold. do colt/geld 1 & res, Bankswood Prince Of Rogues; 2, Devon Entrepeneur. 148cm filly 1, S Armstrong’s Pickmere Chiana. do colt/geld 1, D Morgan’s Lowland Tempting Touch. LR filly not to exc 122cm 1, Lowland Tempting Touch. do colt/geld 1, D Morgan’s Lowland Jet Stream.

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