Chloe Chubb’s showing blogs: HOYS excitement is building

  • So it is a week before HOYS and I have somehow managed to stay a bit oblivious to it all. It is only when I log onto Facebook and see the many, many statuses talking about it that I realise it’s only just around the corner! Then the butterflies begin.

    My pre-HOYS diet was going well until last weekend when me and my best mates headed for a weekend away by the beach. Cue huge amounts of cheese, wine and cake and with the 5 pounds I’d lost, 2 went straight back on. So, as I am writing this, I have just got back from the gym which is being hit hard this week in the hope I can get that weight off again.

    After many years of doing the evening dash up the motorway with my mum, to make the working in slot, I have managed to get the Tuesday afternoon off work. So, I will be jumping on the train up to the NEC to meet the team and see how we get on in the working in — which in my view is often harder to navigate than the class itself.

    Having not had Windy through the winter we haven’t had any experience of indoor shows yet. So, last weekend we went out for a practice before the big day (along with what seemed most of the people in the South East who have qualified for HOYS).

    He was very well behaved in his practice and did a nice show with a good push on — something we have been practising recently as we often fail to get the stride needed. I was pleased to finish second — although the place wasn’t important, it was more about getting the show right. If we manage to pull off that show at HOYS and cope in the go round I will be one very happy person!

    With Chiefy being based in Wales I haven’t had a chance to ride him — so here’s hoping it is third time lucky at HOYS and we manage to continue to get on as well as we have in our two other outings. We have been in regular contact with the Moleview stud who have been keeping us up to date on his prep. Chief won’t be up until the Wednesday so unfortunately I won’t have the chance to ride him in in the arena — but here’s hoping he remembers last year and doesn’t get worried about the buzzy atmosphere.

    So, this time next week the excitement of HOYS will all be over. The build up is stressful and worrying, the day is intense, electric and gone in a flash and like anyone who has ever ridden there, I wouldn’t change a thing!

    To everyone who is lucky enough to be riding at HOYS and to all my friends, good luck, especially Abby Marshall and Steven Hulston Critchley, who are heading to HOYS for their first time. I hope you all enjoy the day as much as I plan to and fingers crossed I can do Windy and Chiefy’s owners and all connections proud — if all else fails there is always the champagne bar!

    Until next time,


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