Caldene Scope ladies jacket: review

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  • Caldene Scope ladies jacket


    • Fit:
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    • Modern and stylish appearance
    • Good fit without being restrictive


    • Lacks breathability



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    This showjumping jacket looks the part but may be a little warm for the hottest of summer days

    This jacket is only available in a navy blue with lighter blue collar and patches on the elbows, in sizes 34 to 42in chest. While it’s described as navy, I’d say it’s closer to royal blue. It’s certainly a lot brighter than my navy jacket I use for dressage.

    I really liked the fit of this jacket. It was flattering, without being restrictive and the length was fashionable without being so short that I felt was constantly flashing my backside at all and sundry. The arms were a good length and the stretch in the material made it very comfortable to wear.

    I am fairly conservative in my choice of competition clothing and although I liked the light blue collar, I wasn’t totally convinced by the elbow patches. However, every time I’ve worn it to go showjumping I’ve received positive comments from others at the show, which has served to convince me that it’s ideal for its target audience.

    The zip pockets serve to aid the slimline appearance, while also ensuring that your lorry keys/phone/cash remain where you put them! And the black and silver horsehead buttons are a further stylish touch.

    My only complaint about this jacket is its breathability, or lack of it. Admittedly I have worn it showjumping on some of the warmest days of the summer, but every time I took the jacket off I felt wet across the top of my back/shoulders and my arms were clammy, although I didn’t feel like I was overheating while I was riding.

    I’m not sure if the washing instructions label is missing from my jacket, but I couldn’t find one anywhere. So without any guidelines I washed the jacket on a 30-degree coloured cycle in my washing machine with my standard detergent. I was please and relieved when it came out looking like new.


    A stylish and modern showjumping jacket, but on warm summer days I'd rather jump in just my show shirt to avoid sweating

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