Equimins Lavender shampoo: ‘good for everyday use after exercise’ 6/10

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  • Equimins Lavender shampoo


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    £7.00 for 500ml

    Welcome to our independent group test of horse shampoos. All of the shampoos in this group test have been put through their paces by dressage rider Jamie Broom and his wife Georgi. Find out what they thought below.

    Official description

    The Equimins Lavender shampoo is a rich shampoo with natural essential oils of lavender, that leaves your horse smelling like a breath of spring and with a super shiny coat. Lavender can also assist in repelling annoying biting insects.

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    First impressions

    I instantly disliked the screw-on lid as it makes it fiddly when you have soapy, wet hands and you’re trying to put a lid back on the bottle. But the actual bottle was sturdy and didn’t crack when dropped.

    Overview of performance

    It definitely smelt like lavender but I wasn’t convinced it soothed skin as it said on the bottle.

    Georgi’s likes and dislikes

    It performed like a standard shampoo — it didn’t remove any stable stains and it didn’t foam very much. We used it on both dark and grey horses and it didn’t remove stable stains from the grey horse. For everyday use such as getting the sweat off your horse after exercise, it was OK. I like to feel as though I’ve got my horse clean after he’s had a bath, and I don’t feel like this shampoo achieved that. It’s OK as an everyday, general shampoo, but for a deeper clean that removes stable stains, I would use something else.

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    It’s OK for general everyday bathing, but I wouldn’t use it as a show prep shampoo because it didn’t remove any stains.

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