Barrier Sunburn Soother: ‘lasts all day’ 8/10

Barrier Sunburn Soother


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Barrier Animal Health

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£7.61 for 250g

Welcome to our group test of sun creams. All of the sun creams in this group test have been put through their paces by Harriet Rimmer, who runs a livery, schooling and sales yard with a particular focus on hunting. Find out what she thought below

Official description

Barrier Sunburn Soother contains natural minerals that give SPF25+ protection, as well as concentrated plant derivatives to soothe areas already damaged by the sun. The liquid form provides quick absorption and even coverage. It contains no artificial thickeners or perfumes.

First impressions

I thought it may be easier to apply than the others in test with it being in liquid form. It wasn’t fragranced and had a cooling effect on the palms when applying.

Overview of performance

This was very easy to apply, long lasting and absorbed quickly. It did have a slight shine when initially applied, but once soaked in you wouldn’t know the product was on. This made it slightly difficult to see where you had previously applied the cream, but it does what it sets out to do, lasts all day and soothes agitated skin.

Harriet’s likes and dislikes

I really like the liquid form as it was very quick and easy to apply. A tint to the colour would make application slightly easier, but that would be me being fairly fussy. Being so clear would, however, be great in a competition environment.


Easy to apply and a great option if you’re competing.

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