LeMieux X-Grip Twin Sided Dressage Square: ‘bulky but keeps saddle stable’ 6/10

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  • LeMieux X-Grip Twin Sided Dressage Square


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    Welcome to our independent group test of dressage squares. All of the saddle pads in this group test have been thoroughly tested by the team at Wild Farm Equestrian. Find out what they thought below.

    Official description

    The LeMieux Twin Sided X-Grip dressage square combines the stylish, iconic LeMieux cut with the new X-Grip silicone and bespoke Acavallo gel mould to provide the maximum saddle stability, shock absorbency and grip of any saddle pad. The unique three-layer design combines the X-Grip silicone top side, blast foam core and Acavallo gel underside to create a low profile highly effective pad.  The lower density memory foam under the X-Grip silicone aids saddles to bed down and stabilise while the bespoke X-Grip Acavallo gel underside has the same low profile, non-slip credentials as all Acavallo products. This twin-sided technology makes this the most elite product in the LeMieux stable.

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    First impressions

    A really eye-catching saddle pad because of its design and silicone underneath, but I was concerned there was no d-ring or strap fastenings.

    Overview of performance

    While I really wanted to like this saddle pad, I had to question its usability. All of my saddles are fitted specifically to a horse and as this numnah is really quite bulky with multiple layers of padding and gel, I felt there was a chance it may alter the saddle fit. It does, without question, keep a saddle very stable with the silicone underside, however it limits all movement and I feel there is a chance that won’t benefit all horses. I can see this coming into its own potentially for horses coming back into work that have lost some condition/topline or to stabilise a saddle temporarily but would probably not choose to use it long term.

    Likes and dislikes

    I like the fact the fact that it could help to stabilise a saddle temporarily if necessary, but don’t like that much bulk under my saddles.


    This would be a really good addition to the tack room for someone who has a horse that varies in weight dramatically over the year.

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