LeMieux Acoustic Fly Hoods: ‘really effective and smart too’ 9/10

LeMieux Acoustic Fly Hoods


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Welcome to our group test of fly bonnets/hoods for horses. All of the items in this group test have been thoroughly tested by former eventer turned para dressage rider Tamsin Addison. Find out what she thought below.

Official description

The LeMieux Acoustic Fly Hoods are designed to soften sound and thereby improve performance. Sharp noises are absorbed by a layer of dense sound proof micro-foam while the inner bamboo lining ensures maximum comfort for increased concentration and relaxation of the horse.

First impressions

The ears appeared very stiff, but I liked the navy colour and thought they looked professional and smart.

Overview of performance

This fly hood came into its own when we were at a three-star dressage competition and the freestyle music was being played from just one corner of the area due to the weather conditions. My horse was upset by moving from very quiet music in one corner to blasting music in the opposite diagonal corner, but wearing the ears really helped so they clearly do muffle sound!

Likes and dislikes

I liked how well they fitted and how comfortable my horse seemed wearing them. Although they look bulky, they really did the job well.


Don’t be put off by how thick the ears look as they fit well and are really effective.