New machine washable side saddle habit

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  • Tailors Alexander James have produced a new, “every day” side saddle habit that is machine washable.

    The Lancashire firm said it came up with the idea after seeing muddy pictures of the recent Meath side saddle meet.

    Tailors Mark and Carl Little, who are brothers, set out to design an elegant looking habit that could stand up to tough riding conditions.

    The company’s Facebook followers were asked to suggest names for the habit and, after two weeks of voting, the name “Everyday Elegance” — suggested by Becca Holland — was chosen.

    Becca, who runs the Flying Foxes side saddle display team, described the new habit as a “Godsend”.

    The new habit can be washed in the machine and costs considerable less than a standard Alexander James habit (£575). At £350 for adults and £275 for children, it could also be used as a “starter habit” for those just taking up the discipline.

    “We have found the perfect combination of the right materials and a new fusing technique — without compromising on style,” said a spokesman for Alexander James.

    “The fact that it is machine washable will make it an ideal habit for when you want to look your best, but not afraid to get dirty and enjoy yourself!” he added.

    Alexander James will be giving away a free lightweight wool waistcoat with the first 10 orders

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