9 new horsey products to cheer up a rainy day

This week’s new to the market round-up is sure to brighten any day and features products from Back On Track, Hy, Lincoln, Horse First, Bridleway, NuuMed, Equimins, SeBo and TopSpec.

Back On Track Exercise Boots

NTM 2016 back on track

Back on Track have introduced a new pair of exercise boots. These all-purpose boots are made using a high quality, durable neoprene outer shell and their padded lining features the revolutionary Welltex fabric to provide the optimum benefit during exercise. They are secured with a strong Velcro fastening, which make the boots quick and easy to achieve optimal fit around the leg and fetlock without over-tightening. These carefully designed boots save time and effort whilst providing superior protection and maintain wellbeing.

RRP: from £66

Visit: www.backontrack.com  

Hy Fieldsafe Head Collar

NTM 2016 Fieldsafe Headcollar

The Fieldsafe head collar features a cushioned nose and headpiece, with quick release touch tape, so that your horse can be comfortable and safe at the same time. The head collar also features another break point around the throat lash, so it can break when pressure is applied to three separate areas.

RRP: £19.90

Visit: www.facebook.com/hy-equestrian or call 01522 529206

Lincoln Platinum Pro Lamin8+

NTM 2016 lincoln

Lincoln Platinum Pro Lamin8+ encourages the growth of healthy hooves and contains concentrated live yeast, which acts as a probiotic to help maintain a healthy hindgut environment. It contains two key ingredients, L-Arginine which plays a central role in the regulation of blood flow, and L-Carnitine to support your horse’s natural insulin and blood glucose levels.

RRP: £29.99

Visit: www.lincoln-equestrian.com or call 01522 529206 

Horse First AcidAid

NTM 2016 Acid Aid

AcidAid is specifically formulated to promote a better performing digestive system for all horses. AcidAid is specifically formulated to soothe the gastric system and maintain a healthy digestive tract in both horses and ponies.

RRP: from £35.45

Visit: www.horsefirst.net

Bridleway Control Grip Grooming Kit

NTM 2016 Bridleway-Brushes

Bridleway’s control grip grooming brushes will help keep your horse squeaky clean. Their handles feature rubberised inserts for a comfortable, secure hold, allowing you to get on with the job in hand.

RRP: from £1.95

Visit: www.bridleway.com

NuuMed Colourful Event Pad

NTM 2016 nuumed colour wheel

NuuMed’s popular ergonomic HiWither Event Pad is now available in 11 colours. This stylish, streamlined pad has been created with the demands of cross-country riding in mind. It’s made using quality quilt and is cut to NuuMed’s HiWither design that removes pressure from across the withers at the front of the saddle, and lifts at back to remove pressure from behind the saddle too.

RRP: £33

Visit: www.nuumed.com or call 01458 210324

Equimins Neem Shampoo

NTM 2016 Neem Shampoo

Equimins Neem Shampoo contains extract that comes from the neem tree that grows in India. Neem is well known for its versatility and effectiveness when it comes to supporting skin conditions. It’s also commonly used to help control flies and insects, and has natural antibacterial properties. Neem Shampoo can be used on all types of horses and the rich shampoo will clean and revitalise the horse’s coat, and also moisturise and protect the skin.

RRP: from £7.25

Visit: www.equimins.com or call 01548 531770 

SeBo’s Horse Rug Drying System

NTM 2016 SeBos Horse Rug Drying System

This rug drying system is remarkable not only in its design, but its functionality too. Rugs are easily draped over the system and secured onto the rack. Its shape and heating capacity dries the rugs within a few hours and due to the design and placement of the tubes, the heat output is evenly distributed to accelerate the drying process.

Visit: www.sebointeriorequipage.com for more information

TopChop Zero from TopSpec

NTM 2016 TopChop Zero

The new TopChop Zero from TopSpec is designed for horses and ponies that are overweight and need an exceptionally low-calorie source of mature forage. Horses and ponies can pick away steadily at TopChop Zero when they no longer have access to grass or hay or even haylage.

RRP: £7.95 (for a 12.5kg bag)

Visit: www.topspec.com

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