Yasmin Ingham takes fifth in Bicton under-25 class: ‘He was forward going and it was mistake-free’ *H&H Plus*

  • Yasmin Ingham’s test concluded the under-25 class dressage today at Bicton – find out what she said after her ride on Rehy DJ…

    Yasmin Ingham put in the best test of the second under-25 class session today in the Bicton Horse Trials dressage, at this event supported by Chedington.

    Yasmin sits fifth on a score of 31.8 with Sue Davies and Janette Chinn’s Rehy DJ, behind leader Bubby Upton on Cannavaro (28.3), France’s Barbara Sayous (Opposition Filmstar), Ailsa Wates (Woodlands Persuasion) and Katie Bleloch (Goldlook), who all performed in the first half of the class.

    “He was good – he was very forward going, which was nice, because he’s usually quite relaxed and chilled. It’s nice to have a bit of positivity and get a good beat around the test so I was really pleased with that,” said Yasmin, who was the final rider in this class today.

    “There’s a couple of areas that I probably would have wanted to have been better, but all in all it was pretty mistake free and nothing really went horribly wrong – it was just sort of tweaks here and there.”

    Because of the tight space available for the two 20x60m arenas, riders are entering and leaving the arenas through a gap in the boards at the end of the long sides, rather than at A as is normal. These gaps in the boards are left open during the test and Yasmin said Rehy DJ thought he might leave the arena through them during the test.

    She said: “Because I was cantering around the outside of arena before the test, I think he wanted to continue doing that when I was in the test and I was like, ‘No no, we don’t go that way now, we’re inside the boards.’ So I think that was a bit confusing for him but the rest was good.”

    Yasmin said she has cycled round the cross-country course and will be walking it tonight at 5.30pm. She commented: “It’s looking very big and technical – it’s not one or the other, it’s both, so that’s going to be exciting. And there’s lots of nice galloping stretches for them to open up.”

    The under-25 class dressage continues tomorrow afternoon.

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