Philip Ward-Burton: the in-hand specialist who likes to work alone *H&H Plus*

  • Leading in-hand specialist Philip Ward-Burton talks to Alex Robinson about how he runs his one-man band – and doubling for Mel Gibson

    IT’S a brisk Friday morning when I ring producer Philip Ward-Burton on FaceTime to conduct our interview. Philip – who has already tended to his 13 ponies – takes some time out of his morning schedule to chat.

    “I generally keep myself to myself,” says Philip, 50, who could easily pass for a decade younger. “I just keep my head down and I’m quite laid-back. I don’t like getting involved in the politics of the horse world and, on the whole, things don’t annoy me.”

    Despite maintaining a low personal profile, Philip’s results have forced him to sit in the spotlight as one of the top in-hand producers of the moment, although he’d never admit that. His sympathetic and patient methods alongside his natural flair in the ring mean he’s a popular choice for many breeders looking to send their budding youngsters off to kick start their careers.


    This exclusive interview can also be read in H&H magazine, 18 March 2021 issue

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