‘I don’t really believe it was me’: Lucinda Green reflects on her six Badminton victories *H&H Plus*

In the 1970s and 1980s, Lucinda Green set a record that no one has yet come close to equalling when she won Badminton six times on six different horses. She talks to Kate Green about why each victory was so special

“Badminton was always an event which inspired me more than any other, and nearly all of my horses seemed to be able to pull out that extra spark when they were there,” remembers Lucinda. “Badminton had an almost mystical effect on me, and that was before I had experienced such great highs as well as lows there.

“It is still the ultimate event, the one everyone dreams of winning but never thinks it will happen to them. Now, when I come back, it feels quite different, as though those six wins happened to someone else. I don’t really believe it was me.”