WSPA appeals for funds to help Middle Eastern horse charity

The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) is appealing for funds to help Pegasus, a small equine welfare charity in the Middle East.

Pegasus is dedicated to helping injured, neglected and abandoned equines in Israel.

Alistair Findlay, WSPA programmes manager for the Middle East said: “WSPA is dedicated to helping Pegasus make real change for equines in Israel.

“Pegasus has the compassion and dedication, but there is a lack of time and money.”

The charity currently has 36 equines in the facility and it is hoped that most will eventually be re-homed.

Mr Findlay added: “Sadly the animals are very cheap to buy, around £40. Unfortunately most of these young owners have no knowledge of their needs and they often abandon them at the roadside.”

WSPA is supporting Pegasus in many ways through training, re-homing animals and providing education materials for Israeli owners.

For more information visit: https://donate.wspa.org.uk/equines

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