The week that was: seven days in the horse world

  • Weight is one of the biggest welfare issues facing British horses today, according to a leading charity.

    World Horse Welfare chief executive Roly Owers said both equine and human weight are issues; overweight horses and riders who are of inappropriate size for their mounts are both causes for serious concern.

    What is being done…?

    The devastated owner and groom of a horse who was put down by mistake as a result of confusion over his identity want to make sure “this never happens again”.

    A vet put the healthy horse to sleep, leaving the one who should have taken his place in the field the three had shared.

    Owner calls for change…

    mental health day

    A new project to raise awareness of mental health issues within the equine industry has been launched by the British Grooms Association (BGA).

    The Grooms Minds initiative was launched on World Mental Health Day.

    Increasing calls for help and advice…

    On Brooke’s arrival, these donkeys were seen desperately looking for water in the empty troughs. Thanks to donors, shortly after this photo was taken Brooke East Africa’s partner APAD delivered two drums of fuel for the borehole generator.

    A film has been released highlighting the donkey skin trade — a “heartbreaking” issue causing a rapid decline in the world’s population of donkeys through often brutal slaughter methods.

    The Donkey Sanctuary’s video will be used to raise awareness of the skin trade, where donkey hides are used to supply the demand for traditional Chinese medicine Ejiao.

    Demand is outstripping the supply of donkeys…

    A well-known Californian showjumping yard has been forced to evacuate all 31 of its horses as raging wildfires close in.

    Diamond Mountain Stables was caught up in the mandatory evacuation of the whole Calistoga area, as fires engulfed more than 170,000 acres, fanned by 50mph winds.

    Team effort…

    graham gibbons

    A jockey who failed a drugs test after trying to pass off someone else’s urine as his own to cover up his cocaine use has been served with a lengthy suspension.

    Graham Gibbons, a successful freelance rider, was banned for two-and-a-half years by the British Horseracing Authority’s (BHA) disciplinary panel.

    A ‘significant amount’ of cocaine…

    Thousands of people have joined a campaign to end the long-distance transport of horses for slaughter – but more support is needed.

    Since World Horse Welfare launched its petition calling for change in May, more than 13,000 people have signed.

    Join the fight…

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