Walsall saddler dives for Bluebird

  • Sally Cartwright, a representative for Walsall saddlery manufacturers, Jabez Cliff & Co, was the only female diver involved in the operation to raise Donald Campbell1s Bluebird from Lake Coniston recently.

    Usually to be found contacting tack shops across the north of England,Sally took up diving nine years ago.

    “I was dared by a friend in a pub to do it – then I got hooked big time,” she said.

    Sally’s spare time is spent diving in the seas off the UK-coast, as well as in fresh water,mostly as part of expeditions working on shipwrecks or doing research.

    Despite undertaking some incredible diving challenges – Bluebird was at a depth of 150ft – Sally says she’s never afraid when diving.

    “I love it. It takes such great mentalagility that I never feel worried.”

    The Bluebird project was sponsored by the BBC – the documentary is scheduled to be screened this summer.

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