US lead World Cup driving

  • As the FEI Driving World Cup reaches its halfway mark, America’s Chester Weber remains in the lead

    Chester Weber from USA remains at the top of the leader board in the FEI World Cup Driving series at the halfway mark.

    Chester, who has competed at all four of the events so far, added a third place at the CAI-W Mechelen in Belgium, to his win at Stockholm and second place at Amsterdam. He heads the leaderboard with27 points, ahead of German drivers Ludwig Weinmayr with 17 points and Christoph Sandmann with 14 points.

    With each driver only allowed to compete at four of the eight events, Chester has given the other drivers a target to aim for.

    The four remaining competitions are:

      10 February, Bordeaux France
      16 March, Dortmund, Germany
      23 March, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
      6 April, G”teborg, Sweden

    An indoor competition will also take place at CSI-W Vigo, Spain,although it will not count towards the World Cup standings.

  • Click here to read the FEI World driving rankings for 2001.
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