Stunt rider dies after being dragged by horse

  • A 24-year-old stunt rider has died after being dragged by a horse during a public acrobatic performance.

    Anastasiya Maximova died after her right foot became trapped in the stirrup when she fell from a horse.

    She was taking part in an acrobatic show in Russia.

    When she fell the horse ran out of control around the arena, while the performer was trapped, unable to free herself from the tack.

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    She was just one minute into the performance in a display of Cossack horsemanship at the show in Abrau-Durso in Krasnodar.

    The rider was dragged into the crowd before the horse, who was not injured, was eventually caught by fellow performers.

    Ms Maximova was not wearing a safety helmet and died of “multiple injuries”, details of which have not been released, on the way to hospital.

    Talking about her previous performances she said in a prior interview: “It is a naughty, beautiful and bright sport. It gives me shivers.

    It is a show — a spectacle which you present to people. It is a feeling of freedom, when you fully trust your horse.”

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