Stand back, boys: rider and trusty wellies to the rescue as Jaguar stuck in flood

  • When it’s as wet as it’s been this winter – especially last weekend – a horsey girl needs to know she can rely on her wellies.

    And Joely Firkins’ trusty boots proved themselves up to the job when car after car became stuck in the floods in the Croydon area on Sunday (16 February).

    Joely was moving a horse to her yard in her 3.5t Vauxhall Movano and had already successfully negotiated a number of floods – despite some helpful driving “advice” given by male drivers she had met en route – when she came across a Jaguar, stuck low and wet.

    “The recovery men were there, but they said the hitch pin to screw on to the tow bar was in the boot,” she told H&H. “The man was looking at the puddle saying he wasn’t going to get it as he didn’t want to get wet.”

    Slight dubious over her boots’ waterproofing, as they are leather and have zips, Joely tip-toed into the puddle and retrieved the winch.

    “Then they said could I screw it on to the tow bar too!” she said. “I did, and the men were curtseying, saying I’d saved their lives.”

    A quick sock check showed not a drop of water had penetrated the Mark Todd country boots, which Joely’s ex-boyfriend had bought for her birthday in June 2018.

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    “They’re brilliant to ride in and I work in them too – I’m a dog groomer – so they’re on my feet from 7am till about 7pm, and they’re still like new,” she said.

    She added: “It’s fine, boys, us horsey girls will save the day – it was an interesting day! It was absolutely hilarious.”

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