Shetlands need new homes

  • Forty-two miniature ponies are looking for new homes after their owner gave them to the RSPCA

    The RSCPA in South Devon is appealing for experience horse owners to help re-home a 42-strong herd of Shetland and part-bred Shetland ponies, which were signed over to them last week.

    The ponies, which are mainly mares with some stallions and foals, were given to the RSPCA after the owner realised she could no longer cope with them.

    “The owner realised she had a problem and sensibly approached us for help before any of the herd started suffering,” said RSPCA spokesperson Janet Kipling.

    All the ponies are in good condition but are not used to being handled or ridden, although they will come to a bucket of feed.”

    The society is looking for experience horse owners to rehome the ponies, which they describe as ideal companions or potential riding ponies

    Inspector Len Rankinsaid: “The ponies are extremely pretty and some have good pedigrees, but all will need expert handling. They might be suitable as riding ponies in experienced hands, or would make ideal companion animals.

    “The ponies will cost the RSPCA £400 a week for stabling alone so the sooner we find good homes for them the better for everyone.”

    Redwings Horse Sanctuary in Norfolk has offered to take some of the ponies, but the RSPCA will need to find other homes for the remainder.

    Anyone interested in offering a pony a home should telephone the RSPCA’s 24-hour control room (tel: 0870 5555 999).

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