Security cameras needed to pin down pint-sized equine escape artist

  • An animal sanctuary has had to take special measures thanks to a little donkey who likes to have a busy day.

    Staff at The Donkey Sanctuary were forced to install security cameras to monitor the whereabouts of miniature donkey Tally, who likes to escape her paddock on a regular basis.

    The nine-year-old, who shares a field with 10 other miniature donkeys, could usually be found nearby munching on lush grass.

    Despite staff stepping up patrols to see if they could catch her in the act, they were unable to find out how Tally was escaping.

    They eventually decided to install the cameras to find out how she was getting through the electric fence.

    It was soon discovered that the hairy Houdini was simply lifting the wire over her back and ducking through whilst braving the shock.

    As Tally was escaping into a secure paddock, the team have decided to turn a blind eye to her adventures.

    “In all my years looking after donkeys I’ve never come across any animal so good at escaping as Tally,” said The Donkey Sanctuary’s Maxine Carter.

    “We tried everything to try and stop her getting out her paddock but she out-smarted us every time. She’s making a real name for herself, if she were a human, you’d probably be saying ‘lock her up’ because she’s been into every sweet shop going, gorging on all the goodies!

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    “We’ve thought up different ways to try to stop her having free-rein to the longer grass, but she’s found the knack and at the end of the day, that’s where she wants to be and that’s where she’s happy, so we just need to keep an eye on her.”

    Miniature donkeys, which have a max height of around 91cm, are a breed in their own right, originating from Sardinia and Sicily.

    Anyone interested in keeping an eye on Tally and her miniature donkey friends at The Donkey Sanctuary’s Sidmouth site in Devon can view the live webcam at https://www.thedonkeysanctuary.org.uk/webcam5

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