Second strangles outbreak announced in a week

  • A yard in Peterborough has temporarily closed due to a confirmed outbreak of strangles.

    Sissons Farm Equestrian Centre in Peakirk confirmed the outbreak yesterday (14 February).

    The yard will be closed until it has “a clean bill of health”.

    A statement was issued on the centre’s Facebook page regarding the outbreak.

    “Sissons Farm in conjunction with advice and guidance from Fellows Farm Equine Clinic Veterinary surgeons, announces today that Sissons will be closed due to a confirmed case of strangles,” said a Sissons spokesman.

    “We will be implementing a strict biosecurity policy in order to bring the infection under control as soon as possible. Be assured Sissons Farm will be closed until it has a clean bill of health.

    “If you have any concerns about your horse please contact your veterinary surgeon for advice with regards to any worries you may have about him/her and they will be able to advise accordingly.

    “We would be pleased of your complete support in anyway possible at this very difficult time.”

    The news follows the Devon-based Mare and Foal Sanctuary’s confirmation of the infection at two of its centres on Monday (13 February).

    A spokesman for Sissons also commented on the news on the Strangles & EHV Support UK Facebook page.

    “One case confirmed. We are on complete lockdown, all bloods being taken this morning on every horse,” she said on 14 February.

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    “It is a very difficult time for all of us at Sissons, no one is to blame, just very unlucky.

    “We will be honest about things and everything is being put in place to get this awful disease contained and destroyed by all pulling together.

    “Therefore, all those concerned and panicking outside of the farm, please don’t, and send us all positive thoughts and wishes.‬”


    Sissons Farm was given the all-clear on 27 March, 2017, and re-opened to the general public on 1 April

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