Robert Whitaker to change yards

  • Robert Whitaker is believed to be preparing to change yards later this year.

    According to a report in the Independent newspaper John Whitaker’s 18 year-old son is planning to move and be based at Nick Skelton’s yard in Warwickshire.

    Robert was riding some of Nick’s horses at Arena UK in Lincolnshire last weekend, but it’s not yet clear when he will make the move to his yard or how long he will remain there.

    The report says that although Robert is planning to take some of his own rides with him, he will also have the chance to ride some of the most exciting young horses in the country – among them John and Pat Hales’s Arco and Magic Darco.

    Jackie Knightley spokeswoman for the BSJA, described the move as “a brilliant opportunity for Robert”

    “It’s superb and he will certainly gain from the new experience.Robert is a very talented rider and he’ll be going from one of the greatest mentor’s – his father – to another.

    “He should learn a lot and grow under Nick’s tutelage,” she said.

    Robert competed in his first Nations Cup teams earlier this year riding Lord Liberty at La Baule in France and Randi at Drammen in Norway, where he beat his father and uncle, Michael.

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