Riding festival seeks new sponsor

  • The National Riding Festival, which aims to introduce individuals who have never ridden before to the sport, as well as encouraging former riders back into the saddle, is looking for a new sponsor after Jeep decided not to renew its support for next year.

    The festival has been hugely successful during the past five years at raising the public’s awareness of riding and has helped to break down the misconception that horses and riding are exclusive pursuits for the wealthy.

    More than 40,000 people have sat on a horse for the first time, courtesy of the festival’s mechanical horse Trigger, while 75,000 people attended the equestrian extravaganzas staged by the Jeep National Riding Festival.

    Steve Gray, general manager of marketing at Chrysler Jeep, explains that the decision has been taken due to a change in marketing strategy.

    “We have been delighted with our sponsorship of the National Riding Festival, but we now believe the time is right to adopt a fresh marketing strategy, which means we will no longer be sponsoring the initiative,” explains Steve.

    The festival’s management committee is determined that the festival will go ahead in 2004 and are keen to hear from anyone wishing to get involved.

    “We are sorry that Jeep’s sponsorship has come to an end, but we are tremendously grateful to them for their support over the years in our efforts to increase participation at all levels of the sport,” says Jane Holderness-Roddam, chairman of the National Riding Festival. “We are now seeking a new sponsor to take over this fantastic opportunity and build on the success that we have achieved with Jeep.”

    For further information on the National Riding Festival contact Antony Wakeham (tel: 0113 289 3657) or visit: www.jeep-riding-festival.co.uk

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