‘Respectful to the end’: new online euthanasia service aims to help owners

  • A new facility for services and information on “end of life decision making” has been piloted in Scotland.

    The Equine End of Life Service, created by the National Fallen Stock Company, a not-for-profit organisation, is a website offering information on different options for equine euthanasia, removal and disposal.

    National Fallen Stock Company chairman Michael Seals said: “End of life decision-making for any horse owner is emotional and challenging, and we hope that our simple and straightforward information service and facility will help.

    “Our intention is to provide a smooth, sympathetic and stress-free service to horse owners and their vets at a most difficult and stressful time. The staff in the office are horse owners and understand the sensitivity. We’re very conscious of the fact its not like dealing with farm animals, and there is a very strong tie to these pets.

    “Our strap line is ‘Respectful to the end’ because that’s what we strongly believe in – we want to give owners, horses, and everyone involved respect. It gives a more human approach to it rather then a clinical collection and disposal of an animal”.

    The service offers access to “experience, skilled and sympathetic” euthanasia and collection professionals by using a network of independent, licensed collectors that the company works with.

    “They abide to the highest welfare standards, and biosecurity levels are strictly upheld at all times. The website platform also acts as a postcode-based quote generating service, with staff helping with the logistics and payment for the chosen service,” said a spokesman for the National Fallen Stock Company.

    Charities are “fully behind” the service including the British Horse Society, Blue Cross, The Horse Trust, World Horse Welfare and the Donkey Sanctuary.

    Scotland’s chief veterinary officer, Sheila Voas, said the concept and website are “really good” and she is “delighted” the pilot is running in Scotland.

    The company aims to roll out the service to the resk of the UK in summer. Further information can be found at www.equine-endoflife.co.uk.

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