Partially-sighted man rescues horses from train tracks

  • A partially-sighted man moved five horses to safety after they strayed onto the railway track in Cumbria.

    Iain Hughes, who is registered blind, was travelling home from work in Kendal last month (29 July) when he saw something moving on the Lakes Line below Longpool Bridge.

    On closer inspection he made out five horses on the track.

    man rescues horse from train trackMr Hughes reacted instantly, jumping over the railings and down onto the tracks before moving the horses onto a grass verge.

    He called British Transport Police who were able to stop approaching trains.

    “I was very nervous but I didn’t have time to think,” Mr Hughes told H&H.

    I was more scared for the horses. I didn’t know if a train was coming.

    “The first one wouldn’t move, I had to hold him round his neck and take him off to the grass verge at the side.”

    Mr Hughes is not used to handling horses but wanted to help the animals.

    “The last time I was with one I was bitten,” he added.

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    Mr Hughes waited until the police arrived to show them where the horses were.

    The horses were taken back to their neighbouring field and the police contacted their owner.

    “We informed Network Rail, who sent staff to the scene and warned train drivers in the area,” a spokesman from British Transport Police said.

    “Officers from Cumbria Constabulary also attended and the horses were removed from the line.”

    The horses were not hurt in the incident.

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