Lorenzo, the ‘Flying Frenchman’ will headline Adrenaline show in London

  • Lorenzo, the “Flying Frenchman“, will be headlining the Adrenaline show in London’s ExCel centre next month (16-18 November).

    During the show Lorenzo will appear with his troop of 12 grey Lusitanos. Other leading equestrian artists will be performing alongside various acts including dance, circus and acrobatics.

    Lorenzo will showcase his “extreme riding skills and natural horsemanship“, including performing while standing on the back of bridleless horses.

    Speaking about the show and getting involved with horses, Lorenzo said: “In the beginning I was a bit afraid of horses, there were always horses at home, but they were a bit frightening, they were big, impressive.

    “By about six years old though I was happy to go riding alone around where I lived.

    “In the life of any horse rider, their first horse is the most important. Like my little horse, Niasque, from the Carmargue, who gave me confidence and allowed me to grow up.”

    His high-risk routines, however, can end in injury: “There was once when I injured myself during a show. It was down to me, I made a mistake — I hurt my back, badly.

    “It was in London. They said I had nothing wrong but actually I had a compression of the vertebrae and could have been paralysed.”

    Lorenzo explains the preparations that goes into a performance like the Adrenaline show: “I start [training the horses] once a day and after two or three months it’s several times a day. Afterwards, the horse is schooled to consolidate what he has learnt.

    “I manage all the horses in turn, so they recognise when I am talking to an individual or the group. They are now 12 years old and their names, errr, I don’t really use their names.”

    His act at the Adrenaline show is described as “action numbers, all based on balance, with horses and obstacles”.

    The Adrenaline show runs from 16-18 November at the ExCel centre. For more information head to www.EquiCirque.com or call 0203 514 0908.

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