Feeling creative? ‘Wild’ Lego horse design could be reality

  • Creative equestrians may soon be able to build a large Lego horse thanks to a new design proposal.

    Canadian Martin Morin has dreamed up a 75cm model ‘wild horse’ that he has submitted to Lego Ideas.

    The online platform allows members of the public to submit their suggestions to the company for future products.

    Mr Morin’s 1,100-brick bay horse model features rotating parts that allow its position to be changed.

    If the design can garner 10,000 supporters then Lego will review the project for production.

    Although Mr Morin’s design has a long way to go — it reached 100 supporters on 27 January — he is confident his model would have widespread appeal.

    To support the project, visit: www.tinyurl.com/legohorse

    “It’s a very hard contest because so many people have good ideas! However, this would be a great Lego set because many children, teenagers and adults love horses” said Mr Morin.

    “My inspiration to create this horse come from the fact that this animal changed the face of our world. The current technologies make us forget how much this powerful beast helped us. This is a way for me to remind you.

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    “Many Lego toys are based on technology, cartoons, cars, cities and video games, but for me, it was important to have an idea touching people without all of these easy ressources, so that is why I chose the wild horse.

    “So wild that it refuses to be liked for a trademark and so wild that it cannot be played with other Lego sets because of its size.”

    If accepted by Lego for production the design will be available to purchase in stores unassembled, ready for the buyer to create their own model with the help of an assembly guide.

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