Daughter pays tribute to mother killed in freak riding accident

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    A woman has died in a riding accident in New Zealand.

    Lauri McNulty’s horse tripped and fell on her near Levin on Friday afternoon (9 October).

    Emergency sevices were called to help the 39-year-old, but she reportedly died at the site of the accident.

    She was wearing a helmet at the time.

    Lauri’s daughter, Brooke, posted a tribute to her mother on Facebook on Saturday (10 October).

    “You were an amazing character and more of a sister than a mum,” she wrote.

    “Yesterday you told me you didn’t want to die a cliche death and I guess you didn’t.

    “You always brought out the best in me, and you helped reach my goals. You worked hard to get me where I am with these horses and I’m going to keep going, I promised you I’d do that Mini Prix we worked so hard for and I’m a woman of my words.

    I’ll do you proud Mumma.”

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    Brooke’s post received an outpouring of support.

    “Your mum will be watching you and will be proud of whatever you do, she was so proud of your achievements and how you have come in your riding, when you go through start flags she will be with you all the way,” wrote one Facebook user.

    “Will be there to support you Brooke. Ride hard for your Mum as she will be watching and riding with you,” wrote another.

    Lauri’s mother told press her daughter was an experienced rider who was incredibly safety conscious.

    Her death has been reported to the coroner.

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